Increased 22% in the "Middle Bank Bank Kuwait" property in October


The total funding of Kuwait Central Bank will change In 21.6% Last October last year.

Banker's statement was said Sunday, Bank assets were a " Kuwait Kuwait at 10.7 billion dollars ($ 35.3 billion) on October 31, compared to 8.8 billion dinars ($ 28.9 billion) in the corresponding month of 2017.

As a result of the annual increase in the bank of Central Bank there was a 20.7% increase to KD 10.5 billion in cash, bills, bonds, investment credits, financial bills and foreign currency investments, compared to KD 8.7 billion in October last year.

In addition, KD had another asset value of 184.1 million, a 283.4% increase of its value in October 2017 at KD 54.4 million.

The Gold Bank value of its main bank was set at October levels of KD 31.74 million last year.

On a monthly basis, Kuwait Central Bank assets rose 1.9% last month, compared to 10.5 billion dinars in September.

Increase in the increase in the value of cash, bills, bonds, investment certificates, financial bills and foreign currency investments with the Central Bank increased by 1.9% per month and the remaining asset increased by 17.3% .

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