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The Swedish Agricultural Board and SVA are now encouraging hunters to do an extra check and report if they are looking for moose showing CWD signals. Photo: Lars-Henrik Andersson

Lotta Hofverberg, Head of the Swedish Agricultural Board Unit, says that she now works with SVA to develop guidelines for how the work is going on.
– An appointment has been made by an occupational therapist, which includes ensuring that any animal remains are packaged and moved to SVA. A regional study will also be expanded, and we are working on detailing how and to what extent, Lotta Hofverberg says: t
– We try to do the CWD sample as smoothly as possible for anyone taking a CWD sample. SVA sends out sample materials, instructions and carts to insert the head or samples. Porto is paid and the carton is free for the sampler. Now there is also an opportunity to claim compensation for the so-called spoon samples. Further details on the content available on a spoon sample can be obtained on the SVA website. Forms for claiming compensation are available on the Swedish Agricultural Board website and will also be sent with your sampling material.

The Swedish Agricultural Board will work with SVA to develop guidelines for how they will proceed after CWD finds a mart moose in Arjeplog. Photo: The Swedish Agricultural Board

Is there anything new in which the exams are made?
– Number. The samples will be passed to other tests for further investigation. We have contact with the laboratories. We don't know when we have more information. However, the analysis will be expected to take the form of "puzzle pieces" ie we do not get a true message and are a multi-stage rocket judged where some detail is t inspections are taking a long time as they are based on taking mice and then checking how to spread the disease in them. The analysis answer will be able to indicate whether the case is in Sweden similar to that of elk, that is, in CWD unusual, or if there is a more similar appearance to a type. classic. But the analysis answer does not answer the question of whether or not CWD is unusual, it is another issue. However, the information from Norway suggests that it is more likely, or it might not be infectious, which says the SVA epidemiologist Maria Nöremark.

The hunters say that it takes a long time to carry a moose skull to the SVA which is a bit foolish. What can you provide to support the hunters?
– The whole skull does not have to be used, it is possible to take a sample of the brain with a spoon and cut out the lymph signals. They can then be placed in a paid envelope provided when you attach sample materials. Instructions and materials are available for sampling on the SVA website.

What advice do you want to give local hunters?
– Keep your eyes open. Describe animals indicating marks of CWD. Include examples of animals which have been found dead as a result of an illness which is killed or killed by hunters. The better we get from the area, Maria Nöremark.

Do the hunters have to take any special measures if they are found elk with the typical difference of CWD?
– Whatever the thing, the first thing is gradually happening in the area to get a better picture of the situation, and the hunters have a crucial role to play in that. submit more samples. In the next few years a plan will be prepared for just how to view the extended sample sampling within the sector.

According to SVA, hunters play an important role in submitting specimens from dams. Photo: Lars-Henrik Andersson

It is not possible to predict in advance what measures should be taken in the longer term if a classical CWD is to be shown; attention needs to be given to nature, what species are in the category, and how long they have moved, whether it is a game or domestic animals, how long it is; where the surveillance has come into the country and how much we know about diseases in the country, and more, Maria Nøremark says:
– There are a number of steps which may be taken, but it is not possible to determine which of these are relevant, but it depends on the situation and the factors referred to in it. tall. Examples of steps you may have to take preventing the movement of animals from the sector, without migrating waste or carcasses, may be useful. It may also be appropriate to avoid items that cause many animals on a small surface where there is a risk of disturbance, ie asphaltic stones and bait.

Seminar on CWD

Björn Sundgren, a hunting consultant in Norrbotten, was at a seminar on CWD when he reached the news that a case had been found in Norrbotten.

Björn Sundgren, a hunting care consultant. Photo: Lars-Henrik Andersson

– As we say, we find out what the authorities say and then what we do in Arjeplog, but also in the other region. It may be about reviewing how a good sample of modules should be submitted in the future. It should be noted that on Friday alone the SVA and police agreed on how the researchers can search for traffic disruption for this work. We still have a fairly modest picture from the authorities involved in the fact that the brain was an old rope and prints, but not lymph symptoms, which indicate the inverse change. , says Björn Sundgren.

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