Increased domestic market price with 60,000 VND / tael


– – According to the world's decision, today's domestic gold price (21/10) has turned around 60,000 VND / tael. SJC sales price fell to 36.6 million dollars.

Especially, at 9:30 am, Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Jewelry SJC Gold Price is listed at 36.46 million VND / tael, sold at 36.56 million / ass, equal to 60,000 VND / volume both ; buy and sell; sold compared to the previous session.

At the same time, the price of SJC gold in Bao Minh Minh Chau was collected at 36.46 million VND – 36.54 million VND per person (buy-up), buying 60,000 VND / tael purchases in each side – compared to the closure of the -dè.

Although the price of the gold falls, the business is quite quiet. Market trading businesses are main sales customers.

The price of gold is particularly due to the impact of the world's price. So, in a New York market, the price of gold in the trade session last night (November 20 – Vietnam time) has been running down to & # 39; culminating in the rise of US dollars after US Army Reserve (FED) officials are prominent about the global economy.

According to experts, the deer will raise their interest rates for a quarter at a time; meeting in December and will continue to duplicate by 2019. The upper levels are for interest in & # 39; resulting in a negative impact on gold price. The chance to cost when you hold gold.

A spot trade, spot spot prices in New York fell to $ 1,222.1 units, down $ 2.8 / oz, or 0.23%.

Minh Ngoc

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