Increased sales prices, VN-Index was convicted of a decline despite VNM, VJC, SAB


Following the benefits of the bluebells, the sale weight has increased significantly after 11m, resulting in the increase in the index (or decline).

In the morning session, the VN-Index reduced 0.55 points (0.06%) to 922.57 points; Upcom-Index decreased by 0.12% to 52.07 points while the HNX-Index was at the level of application. Market readiness was still at a very low level with three trading values ​​of VND 1,600 billion.

The number of declines grew dramatically by 270, but only 167 were progressive. It is good that buyers are still customers, although the value is not high (27 billion).

VCB, VNM, SAB, and VJC were well received, but other Bluechips fell like VHM, MWG, PNJ, PLX, MSN, BVH and FPT.

Main stock like stocks, banks, buildings, estate and gas … all lost, heavier market.

Out of stock market, all 4 of the HNX-Index fell sharply and it was a bit worse; below the VN-Index from 7-9 points.


The positive trends of US stock market in recent days have made more sustainable housing psychologists and signs have arisen from the opening minutes.

At 10m, VN-Index lost 0.2 points (0.02%) to 923.3 points; HNX-Index has raised 0.12 points (0.12%) to 103.31 points and upsets up 0.01% to 52.14 points. However, market vulnerability was very low with the value of VND 500 billion.

VNM is the most obvious name for its & # 39; up market. At this time, VNM is up VND1,600 to VND128,100 and the third session is rising apart. Along with VNM, other blue is VJC, MWG, VCB, CTD … too. In addition, oil and gas also had a good deal with PVS, PVD, and PVB, which helped keep the green greens.

At the same time, other key areas such as security, banking, major estate … work around the advocacy area.

In this trade day, May Song Hong (MSH) was recorded on HoSE and rises to a maximum price of 54,000 dong. At present FTS has nearly 14% of MSH, but this stock has fallen to the land price of 17,700 dong.

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