Independence & Announcement Announcement She leaves & Osama & # 39; shouting Tripoli and the north! (Video and Images)


He is a "man of independence" and wrote to him how he was; he left to leave his family and friends and relatives to a deep dragon and certainly not leave days or years. Student student Osama Hablas, son of Sheumais Mohammed Hablas Imam of the mosquito, "Rahman" in Tripoli, who killed the independence day on Lebanon's roads, became an enemy who & 39; Lebanon is killed and not as dangerous as Lebanon's enemies.

On the sea road in the Nahr al-Mutt area, the reason was made by the young man, the son of Zouk al-Habasah al-Akkariyah, who was not in the third year of a military school. He had a car crashed by a wall and died. As reported by the "traffic control room".

According to the National Media Group, there was a car, Chevrolet (black), a & # 39; spread beside the sea in the course and its # 39; hitting the edge of the road, causing it to fall. "He also reported that Civil Defense ambulance staff used water Rescue devices to pull out the 3 young men out of their cars.

He praises him in the late body after Sunday prayers at the Zouk al-Halabsa mosque – Akkar was buried at his home cemetery.

Al-Khobar was a disgrace of everyone who knew Osama and knew the father of Sheikh Mohammed, who was the owner of a powerful and devastating voice, Introducing the mosque of worshipers and faith-makers who receive respect and friendship when he heard the voice. Others said the video is from Taraweeh's prayer days in the month of Ramadan.

The operators also had Osama's trade stock on their military uniform, as well as their old video and # 39; making evening prayers at the Rahman mosque in 2016.

Everyone who knew Osama's master and Sheikh Mohammed Hablas's father said they were tough and painful and ill; Stand with the king's father in this case, the Muslims with the devolution of God and his poem and value.

Dr. Published Khaldoun Al-Sherif a picture of the young man in his military dress, kissing his father, and said: "On the finest moments in the mosque of Tripoli, we will meet Sheikh Al-Tayeb , who has a powerful voice in the heart of his heart. Al-Fatihah, each of us is going to greet the beloved people and their rich defender, the success of the most solemn for the young children, that God be merciful and inspire you with patience and light. "

Sheikh Amir Raad told Sheikh Hablas: "God gave what he had and everything he did with … God bless my brother and lover of his heart Sheikh Mohammed .. Most people leave their prophets and then the best hope. I do not count you Sabra but expect to give God's taxes. And Our son, Osama, we have been familiar with traveling and home, especially in Umrah. I have a spirit of feeling and feeling unhappy. I want on the Almighty God, Lord of His Crown, accept and bring with the prophets, friends, martyrs and the people who are good companions.

Sheikh Salman Baroudi again wrote as long as saying: "God was with him, and his help, was our brother Sheikh Mohammed Hablas's harmony in the boy His name (Osama). I do not write to remind you of what you're teaching people. But words came out of his heart affect how people are influencing, and lamenting how it disturb people.

For his, Haj Nasim Dnawi wrote in the lament of the late ones:

"Your heritage O Osama Mohammed Hablas

My eyes were silent tears describing divination pain

My year's anniversary came back to me

For the horse, the riding and the markets

Usama Asad is our spirit in the tightness of the leaf

Khalouq Sadouk Bahi hard feed on course

We left Jalil Jum's to go to the course

For Lord Karim who taught Ahdaq suffering and sadness

We hope to bring together with the prophets together

And he wrote a maker who asked Razaq before

I am patience and your brother Muhammad is attached to the attachment

Your spirit of the palm tree, and he was tired of his intense shield. "

"We received the brilliant news about the death of the young man, Usama Hablas, the late son of Sheikh Mohammed Hablas, who was a student at nursery and primary school. With sadness and grief, asking God his family patience to stimulate their wounds at first exposure, pouring out and to remove their heart on their hearts after the war spends the liver in the event Fortunately, on Friday 3rd Friday, blessed from the spring month, God gave us, And we say only what the Lord likes. It is worth saying that the young man is a & # 39; he grew from early childhood in the secondary school and the basic secondary sections for Islamic reform and grew up, and was famous for his faithfulness, courage and passion, and how his father is right.

For her, Rawda al-Fayhaa was a student who was also a student, saying: "With a great deal of pain and pain, Al-Fayhaa high school, and his young son's son in Military school, martharrt: Osama Mohammed Hablas, who died after a painful disaster. The dead men, our brother and colleague Sheikh Muhammad, have a great suffering, and we do not say what's wrong ; our Lord Almighty is pleased, and what we believe, and what we build on our sons and daughters, and Usama one of them "he said.

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