Independence of the offender's possession Phan Sao Nam arrived at 90.7%


At the trial session on November 19, the Debating Chamber trill the trillion of gambling problems. Phan Sao Nam quiz (former President of VTC Online), and then interviewed by Nguyen Van Duong (Vice Chairman of Security Security Investment Company (CNC).

The two defenders that were over the geese ring through the Rikvip / game were also pronounced by "Campaigning a complaint" and "cash vow."

Sao Nuaidh's crime assets reached up to 90.7%; Nguyen Van Duong gets over 15%

At the hearing, his / her chairman announced the content of the petition sent by Phan Sao Nam to the Phu Tho Provincial People's Court before the day of the hearing. In the claim, Nam said, with the money that he received from a gambling group, if sent to the bank, every day the defendant can give their 200 million interest.

However, due to its misconduct, the firm worked with its security security group to overcome the effects.

As a result, Nam and his family have paid VND1,337 billion out of VND1,475 billion received from gaming.

In addition, at a lawsuit, Procuratorate delegates have so far that 90.7% have found out what they have, happening on the case of Sao Nam Phan. At the same time, Nguyen Van Duong rescues nearly 15% (over 244 billion paid over the total number of benefits accused over 1,655 billion).

At the court, Phan Sao Nam said there was no doubt that a gaming organization could take much money. As a result of crime thinking, the defendant co-operated with his / her; security security group to influence the effects.

In the court statement, defendant Nguyen Van Duong also said that, when the system is released, the game does not expect the number of players to play; take part and the money is so big.

Defender Nguyen Van Duong said he kept the lawsuit on his / her. Program and included that there were reasons to complain about two counts of "Campaigning a complaint" and "cash vow."

Yang also stressed the level of advantage of his / her suit and wanted to continue the treatment of the case. At the same time, Nguyen Van Duong suggested "helping themselves" activity groups to get some resources, capital investment in a number of companies to overcome the effects.

According to their conviction, the total Nguyen Van Duong debt has earned more than 1,655 billion. The conviction also added to Nguyen Van Duong of "money rubbish" with more than 329 billion dollars to the UDIC Company, to move to Bac Giang-Lang Son a BOT Company.

Duong confirmed that the content that complained was complaining about the same behavior as his / her; complains that Phan Sao Nam Rikvip's action game is correct.

The Chief Justice judge asked many questions about the operation of their Rikvip game without permission. Rescuer Nguyen Van Duong replied again as a "license request". However, Duong later released that the Ministry of Information and Communications was allowed when he worked with Phan Sao Nam to distribute and run card games.

Nam Phan Dat Phan's sister, because of a trust that was money storage

After completing the questionnaire of the person who left Phan Sao Nam, follow the Trial Panel to ask the person who questioned; Phan Thu Huong left (protecting the person's sister Phan Sao Nam).

Defender Phan Thu Huong said the feelings between the accused and Sao Nam Phan are not different from motherhood. Indeed, Nam Nam helped save more than VND 236 billion and deposited in profits due to confidence in Nam.

Huong's defenseist said he always believes that he is legitimate, but to work with his / her; search group to find out that the money is because of crime. The person recognizes the "mother" mistake, sister of Phan Sao Nam's sister, not to find out what the great amount was; there. So far, Huong is protected by recovering the money the investigation body has told the accused person, more than 236 billion.

All Pan Nam Nam managerial staff and partners moved to Phan Thu Huong's account of over 236 billion VND and asked Huong business profit. After receiving the money, Phan Thu Huong short-term savings, then pull out buying gold, US dollars and then make a profit.

In addition, Pan Thu Huong used part of this money and the capital city itself to buy places in Ho Chi Minh City. Phan Thu Thu Huong was charged with "silver vowels".

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