Independent Independence on the River after winning the Copa Libertadores


After getting out Cup Libertadores part of it River Plate, the trans-Andean club is filled with receptions from different parts of the world, from important football players to teams.

However, there was a "welcome" is very special devolved to the new American american journalist. It's about Argentine club Avellaneda Independent, who through social networks, Download a photo describing a new title; "Millionaire" club.

However, Independiente is a club with the largest number of Libertadores cups that have won in history, full seven awards, as long as the River, with a & # 39; new puppy, It rarely reaches four initiatives.

On the same, the "Red Devils" described their continental titles to save the River, using havehtag "The Only King".

"@Libertadores's main historic winner has been inviting @CARPOficial to get his fourth cup. . # ELÚNICOREY #TodoRojo, "wrote the picture by Avellaneda.

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