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© Photosport. Independiente de Avellaneda is interested in recording Gonzalo Jara

Red & # 39; Ariel Holan's DT flavor features the defender's features. TVN


Gonzalo Jara you have already explained your product The University of Chile at the end of this season 2019, and so in a player's environment a offer is already offered by a number of foreign-looking teams.

Under a panorama without, oh Avellaneda Independent They recognized an interest in the American bichampion with the Nile National Team, identifying signals of their & player created in Huachipato.

"We want to move to the attack of the attack. Jara's features are similar to (Ariel) Holan. Jara likes"he said Jorge Damiani, Red & # 39; in conversation with him CDF.

Anyway, for Jara to come, the team where the Slabs are playing Pedro Pablo Hernández and Francisco Silva You have to rescue a quota from foreign countries.

"If a quota is released, the place would be left. For now other areas of the range are the priorities, but that does not mean we are not interested"he said.

It should be remembered Atlas of Mexican, led by Ángel Guillermo Hoyos, it is one of the foreign clubs where the woman was born in Hualpén land.


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