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The James James Nederlander Theater in Chicago has announced that they are working on music that introduces Britney Spears' best-known songs. Up Upon One More Time will not, however, be about his life, but about the Princesses of Grimm Tales who will receive a unique gift from the Fairy Cross. The singer is, of course, still delighted.

I'm so pleased that they have chosen my songs, in particular the story is happening in a wonderful world which I enjoy as a child. "

The music az about life notes the script of the American reconstruction Jon Hartmere which will be the dramaturge. Kristin Hanggi They sit in the chair's chair and dance Keon and Mari Madrid will be responsible.

What we know about history: t

  • Cinderella is an emergency life.
  • The best girls from famous princesses.
  • A stepmother is a bad man.
  • A prince will be on a white horse, through which we have never seen it before.
  • And a reporter is not very pleased that some people want to disturb the status quo.

Jon Hartmere also tells us exactly what sticking out dead water in the world a fairytale: A Mysticism Book from Bhetty Frieda is available for actors.

These women have been swapped around the world, and they now become more familiar with new practices, such as the second and third wave of seismism, as we give our stories. , as social trends grow.

he said, 'I'm afraid he might be afraid of these big subjects, without doubt, he was very fun and fun.'

The official exhibition will take place on 13 November in Chicago and will run until early December. Here, he would have been a premier show of Michael Jackson's music, Don't stop You Get Enough, but it was abandoned as a result of a documentary Never Neverland and the scandal around it.

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