India launched a new strategy for FTA talks


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Suresh Prabhu Indian Trade and Business Minister. Picture:

India's Indian Trade and Trade Minister Suresh Prabhu said India will establish two independent groups within the framework of the new strategy to prepare a FTA negotiation module to ensure that there are benefits from this country.

"We're going to implement a completely new approach to FTA," said Prabhu. "We establish two independent organizations to consult all stakeholders and we will prepare data that can be used in Discussions, this is the first major change and it will be a new module for each FTA settlement. "

Prabhu suggested that the country would implement FTA not only to benefit from India but also to benefit from other countries.

Professor Abhijit Das, head of the World Trade Organization Research Center (WTO) at the Foreign Trade Institute of India, said the earlier FTA islands of India were effective in India. is a matter of debate, but the fact that its inputs has increased considerably than exports.

According to Das, it includes items such as parts, parts and other countries from the Indian industry to help them get into competitive prices. So, he says he can not say that the FTA has not won the Indian economy.

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