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CHENNAI: Dinesh Karthik became a warrior about a year ago when he hit Soumya Sarkar in Bangladesh at the last end to win the Nidahas T20 Tri series in India and host Sri Sri in Colombo. With Karthik's induction after that, the team watched him as a finalist and the Tamil Nadu player was in a position; work for the team in a number of close games.

But on Sunday, in the final & # 39; T20 against New Zealand, after doing the work for a while with Krunal Pandya, Karthik lost his cover and refused one member from the third member of the last by Tim Southee, when he needed at India 14. Krunal, at another, was a going on big guns and it was not inconceivable why Karthik refused that one person.

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After all, Krunal was the first-born Southee who brought India into the game.

Singles were denied to complete games for himself to be a move by MS Dhoni in his priorities – the most important thing against Sri Lanka in the final three-lines in the West Indies in 2013 when it lasts six to six at last. But in that game Dhoni was a hitting with Number 10 and 11 for a long time and the opportunity to go to; Best for India to win by the skipper on strike.

"Doni would not sing singles if he was hitting someone who might be hitting his boat hard. It's not a job of a person. finishing to hit the winning image, he is about managing the ship along with his partners and Karthik's decision on the Deleted Sunday of all I do not understand what Bhuvnehswar Kumar was at the other, but with Krunal there, I do not know what was going through Karthik's mind, "said the an old Indian man named Harbhajan Singh saying TOI.

It must be said here although Dhoni refused one person in the T20 Old International against England at Edgbaston in 2014 with Ambati Rayudu playing at his / her. and the equation was nine outside four balls. What is said in Doni's defense at that time, although Rayudu has just gone to the bat.

It is true that a player needs to deal with a lot of stress when he pulled the game to the last. Karthik, for a long time playing for India and Kolkata Knight Riders, has been on a shows a cool head head that has team management considered as an option to enter the World Cup. But Bhajji is even feeling & # 39; And if Karthik is to go deeply in the majority of games, he should not make an election tag. "I'm sure the team's management will now ask why he refused that one. These are the second decisions that can make or break a game and Karthik's player is aware of that, "said Harbhajan.

Bhajji, indeed, described a game in the Asia Cup in 2010 when he hit Shoaib Akhtar for six in the last to bring India to his / her. final.

"I was praying with Praveen Kumar at that time and he also had a good connection. I was sure I had taken it if there was an opportunity … And not so I started to imagine after that game that I had been a final finishing I met six for Shoaib, "said Harbhajan, hoping that Karthik will not cause that mistake.

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