A woman tried to make a difference on two beautiful dogs, one of the time

Dog owners know the problem with which to keep their / precious pocket out of a dog strip. Imagine a trip from Idaho, so, when she discovered that her dog had been fighting a mountain mountain lion.

The event took place early in the morning on January 30 when the woman found her dog; fight with another animal outside the house. She first thought her dog was fighting another dog. However, when she tried to divide them, she realized that her dog had a 15 Kg mountain lion attack that had gone out to their area in Mackay.

According to the Idaho Fish and Game Division, a woman called her husband and her; get a gun. He appeared on the scene and the mountain lion disappeared.
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There is a mountain lion population in Idaho and such a run between residents and wild animals is quite common. According to the Fish and Game section, three such events have taken place in January.
The website encouraged residents not to leave their pets without visiting at night, either night or early in the morning to avoid these attacks.

The event caused a number of reactions to social media. Many thought about how the woman could express a mountain lion for a dog.

However, some thought that the burning of the lion was unfortunate.

This is the second most recent mountain lion event. Just this week, a mountain lion attacked a jogger colorado on a natural path. According to reports, the jogger of the 80-pinned mountain lion with her bare hands.

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