Amol Palekar's speech was suspended by the director of the NGMA after his agency and Ministry Culture criticized News News in Hindi

The actress Veteran Bollywood and Amol Palekar's artistic artist, who was present at an exhibition in Mumbai, even recently in the city, had been unpleasant.

He stopped several times during his speech at the National Art Gallery, and was also summarized.

The event was organized in memory of the renowned celebrity Prabhakar Barwe. Speaking, Amol talked about how the art gallery has lost independence on the way in which it works.

Until October last year, local artists at the National Art Gallery (NGMA) had an active advisory committee to make decisions about organizing different exhibitions.

However, Palekar said that his committee is now under the control of the Ministry; Culture.

And when he stopped with the presenter's guardian and the director of the NGMA at the moment, he questioned them back if they wanted to stop his speech and be circulated.

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