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Analysis shows that climate change is changing by new sufferers – a type of cloud

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Bengaluru: Human independent distributions have begun an essential link that threatened Earth's survival: Clouds.

The co-evaluation of senior curators with a team of Caltech scientists shows that the screen Current growth has become extinct at current level of distributions. The Earth's temperature then rises by an additional 8 ° C.

Stratocumulus & # 39; The name of the clouds is at risk – low white clouds that are at the same time; stretch out in lines that can be seen over every other day. They serve as a planet for Earth, keeping up to 70 percent of sunlight, so cooling its planet.

The study was published in the magazine Geological Nature Monday.


Caltech researchers have complex complex shapes of clouds of 5 square kilometers and ran the symbol for 2 million prime time over supercomputers in California and Switzerland. It was discovered, because carbon dioxide increased carbon dioxide, rising sea level temperatures, causing the above clouds to fall and fall; away.

The approximate time line for clouds to disappear from 100 to 150 years.

The difference between the moment and the last glaciation period – usually called the "age of ice", where the Earth is a snowball – is 4.5 ° C. The symbols are showing a temperature increase of 2 ° C throughout the world, and stratocumulus clouds still exist, but with an increase of 4 ° C, these clouds contain a & # 39; disappeared.

All global climate models so far are mapped correctly but do not accurately show the extent to which historical climate events have occurred. But scientists find that, when the clouds start to disappear, the numbers are changing very hardly, and # 39; influencing historical history 56 million years ago, said a report in Quanta IrisSouth Westerly

Back then – thermal Paleocene-Eocene (PETM) equipment – The ground was growing warm, just a few steps above current temperatures. Carbon has been increasing in the atmosphere and the land has been expanded; bake baking. The water was at a hot middle zone and there were widespread natural accidents. There were a number of major events that disappeared around the world.

Evidence of this time in the Earth's history was found through the soil register, which the plants showed to be wound up with signs that show too much toxicity of dioxide.

It is possible that this is the only process the land would be scattered if it is; crosses the threshold of carbon accuracy in the atmosphere.

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A special influence

Loss of clouds result in adverse effects, resulting in an increase of 8 ° C in temperature. This makes all life to the torchlack attack, causing more geo-regional conflict, environment migration, widespread diseases, and often serious incidents.

By rapidly reducing emissions and & # 39; maintaining up to 1.5 ° C which could impede such a problem.

Some climate scientists are hopeful, however, that the economic disaster caused by current climate change impacts can be a accelerator for the distribution of emissions.

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