Basic Weekend Price

After putting a hard advantage on Monday, he was down the hill all the way for gold prices falling rapidly because there were concerns about downturning through the week. The gold as a buyer began to impress the news that the final output would fall again in the year.

For the week, the gold in June Comex set at $ 1298.50, down $ 20.20 or -1.53%.

Treasury results were not poured into museums as expected, but they requested shelter in the US Dollar. Perhaps during the week, gold owners realized that the Treasury outturn was not plunging in anticipation of the US economy, but could result from a financial bond bid. United States due to negative interest rates in Europe and enormous potential in interest rates in Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout the week, the big story was the fall in the Treasury Treasure yield. But it seemed as though the gold merchants were not looking at the collapse. Last week, the 10-year Finance Division hit the lowest level since 2017 as investors were concerned about reducing economic growth. The previous week, the 10-year low return on the Finance note fell over the three-month bill for the first time since 2007. This hindered the fruit curve that took a red flag with a decline in the future. T come.

In the PNA, Customer Confidence came at 124.1, significantly lower than the estimate 132.1. The final GDP lost the forecast 2.4%, coming in at 2.2%. On Friday, gold was raised a little in decline in personal consumption. The cost of consumer U. was less than expected in January and income rose at a low level in February, adding to concerns that global growth was affecting the world. T the world's largest economy. The personal expenditure expenditure table (PCE), the highest rate of inflation in the Federal Reserve, also showed a slim increase in prices.

Weather forecast for week

This week it is likely that high volumes of economic data U. In UK activity will involve high price activity, including Retail Sales, PMI, Making ISM and Photocopier. However, the big event moving to marketing this week is likely to be the farm payment not made, especially because a lot was happening on the farm. T Last month.

Traders anticipate Change of Employment without Farm Shows that the economy has sent 175,000 jobs, up to 20,000. Income predictions are expected to increase by 0.2% and unemployment is projected to be 3.8%.

A further loss with the payers will most likely be a nickname, especially after the Department of Trade has reported on the pressure on Friday prices.

A combination of inflation and a labor market will mean that the Fed was right to visit the distance for the rest of the year, but investors can read this as a sign of the economy. leading to the decline of gold.

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