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Chief executive Jack Dorsey said he was eating just one food a day and speeding throughout the week. Experts say this could be a dangerous situation.

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  • Twitter and CEO Chief Executive Jack Dorseysaid he's been trying to grading a diet at the time of a interview on Ben Greenfield's podcast.
  • Dorsey said he ate one meal in weekdays at lunchtime and then eat something for the whole weekend weekend that is similar to interim acceleration, a popular feeling that the staff really appreciate. Silicon Valley.
  • Although Dorsey has grasped the benefits of his diet at his diet, some nutritional experts will be back the plan as dangerous and noted that he can turn t to eat.
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Does it eat a very large diet or eating? That is the question that started releasing on social media platforms Twitter CEO Jack Jack Dorsey after his unconventional eating habits appeared, which add to just five foods a week.

On appearing on podcast Ben Greenfield, author Dorsey said he has been "trying" with a new uniform climate that includes eating one food on a weekly evening, and t then a long weekend.

"It really has increased my love for food and taste as I get lost for so long in the day, "Dorsey said to Auchort.

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On days when Dorsey eats, he moves to 6:30 p.m., at that time he will eat protein (the second). fish, chicken, or steak) with some vegetables (arugula or spinach salad, asparagus, or Brussels sprouts). Then he has a sweet of mixed tarts or dark chocolate, which he uses before 9 p.m.

Some bone broth is thrown in when he breaks his legs on a Sunday night, and some red wine, although the Chief Executive did not indicate how often he uses alcohol.

Although rushes are more popular, nutritional experts say that life habits are a good way for Dorsey to affect long-term health.

Interim speed has become a settlement in Silicon Valley

Dorsey says his diet is "working at a brisk pace," although nutritionists say he is falling within a kingdom of rapid transition, a plan that has gone t between eating and not eating times.

Dairy differences have become more common among Silicon Valley's tech workers who want to improve the efficiency of their eating habits. Dan Zigmond's Facebook analytics director will be fast for 15 hours a day and former Chief Executive of Evernote Phil Libin founded a whole community who are soon embraced.

These mercury diets are part of a long-standing Silicon Valley "biosphere" movement, which is seen to be a delight to cut food and daily routines to survive and thrive. be more productive.

Like some of his other technology officers, Dorsey has said his diet is helping him save time, stay attentive, and sleep better during the night – but he says that science ensuring that the health benefits of a trigger diet for most people are not yet proven, including speed. In fact, some nutrition experts said that there are Twitter users, who Dorsey named as eating "unorganized eating" properly.

"Yes, that's irresponsible," said Dr Jennifer Gaudiani, CEDS, FAED, an in-patient medical practitioner who is mainly involved in eating disorders. “Mankind is a human species that needs some food and water to keep our species of living and energy up and to do what we want in the world. to make a world. "

It could be stopping one food a day as a result of a lack of nutrients

Dorsey's dish of protein and follow-on vegetables is similar to a kind of diet that is given to fat patients who are trying to lose 50 pounds or more, according to Dr. Peter's story. Caroline Apovian, who directs the nutrition and weight management program at Boston Medical Center. Even then, it is recommended that patients eat three meals a day.

This might explain why Dorsey had difficulty translating into its valuation climate. “The first time I did it, as I did three days, I felt like I was looking after them,” said Dorsey to Auchfield. "It was a strange state."

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Apovian suggested that the CEO group might not have been prepared for change in the circadian rhythm. "Dorsey's body first said, Hey, what are you doing? Where is my food?" She told Business Insider.

Ged Apovian Our organizations said we can get to grips with new eating habits, she thinks someone is active like Dorsey – who walks five miles, doing a seven-minute exercise, or bicycle lovers every day – getting sick by eating a little.

To get a diet like Dorsey, Apovian recommends breakfast of whole grains, oats cut with steel, fresh fruit and low-fat milk. a few hours after waking or an hour before the exercise.

Gaudiani said that the best way to look after our bodies is that he will "nurture himself through the day."

Perhaps speed seems to be improving their mental capacity, but it can return

Dorsey told Greenfield that his ability to climb and fall asleep has begun to start his new food. But Gaudiani said that these results can show that a person's body is going to live as a result of hunger.

When a person is heavily stopping getting food, the body uses evocative things to survive. “When people break the need to eat food by radical food, the body doesn't care about the reasoning. It is just going to save the life, ”said Gaudiani.

That answer will include feelings of emotional feelings, as the group is trying to find out when and where it will get the next meal. “Animals that are on the run should not feel pleasant,” said Gaudiani. “They should feel anxious and focused. They could explain that first because of that, but it is the brain that says, 'I don't have enough food.'

In some cases, mental pressure can affect feelings of pain or paranoia due to the nature of their survival. In the long term, the hunger may mean lower testosterone levels (so reduce sex sex), weak bones, poor skin, hair loss, and early symptoms of aging .

There is little evidence that interim speed can help with productivity or weight loss

As some individuals die dying, some others may not work for others. "Maybe someone is doing very well eating one food a day," said Apovian.

When it arrives at high speed, however, Apovian says there is little scientific evidence that the use of humans can help to lose weight or maintain it more than a traditional three-food plan. In most cases, she said, “fasting” encourages people to be “Discrimination” during the day, which makes a big difference in the night.

While some previous research found that interim acceleration could reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease – and help with weight loss – scientists still need more evidence to influence it. human health.

"Our body needs fuel to work," said Zhiping Yu, a related nutrient professor A PhD from Pennsylvania State University. "Without fuel from long-term food, including our body [our] the brain cause, problems, and hormone levels that are smoked and metabolism, slow down.

Good unusual eating habits could be an unhealthy eating experience

According to Gaudiani, eating unusually – restricting the calories, removing your own food when you are starving, or restricting the types of food you eat – living in unsatisfactory eating, even if it is not willing. Inappropriate eating away from eating disorder means that someone is worried that they have an eating problem in food and that it is limiting the inclusion of caloric to produce a good body.

Although some rapid practices may be discouraged, it is impossible to eat one CEO, including Dorsey, without their knowledge.

Despite that, Gaudiani said that if he could be helped by looking at food that is not supported by the study "damage and stigma stress" as it is not based in science.

"If you have a history of eating, you should be careful trying this diet," Yu said. “If you feel uncomfortable when you are doing it, you should consider stopping. "

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