Cong MLA Marriage Letter against the NSA independent movement, asking SIT and its & # 39; overseas collector in poisonous death case MP

Bhopal: The MLA Company sent a letter to Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Kamal Nath on Friday, seeking the establishment of the SIT and the move of the Khandwa district collector for the attack of the National Security (NSA) Act on three people who were abolished a cow was killed.

Bhopal MLA Mheadhanach Arif Masood, in his letter saying that the NSA will move as "one-dimensional", saying that the friends of the three accused met him and sent out that the collector did not hear the side them.

Produced for the foundation of a special inspection team to investigate the & # 39; In order to have a "fair" proof, Masood said, "A" killer "is stupid" but the collective movement for the NSA was not to be tight.
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Not only Masood, the main directors of his Congress, including the former minister, Digvijaya Singh and former past finance minister, P Chidambaram, who questioned her; Movement to kill NSA on killing a cow.
Earlier, the authorities had taken a NSA slave on three accused, marked as Shakeel, Nadeem and Azam, to kill Khandwa's cow and was imprisoned. Partaidh Bharatiya Janata welcomed the move in a MP.

The Nath government has been trying to give its Hindtuva soft way and has already indicated that it is embedded in every town. To do it, the government is trying to & # 39; Battleships on luxury cars.

However, the CM had warned the strict actions against death surveillance to make it clear that suffering would not suffer; gun or violence regarding a cow defender.

A Transportation party has unexpected clarity & # 39; opposed to the operation of MPs government, saying that the law and order of the CM area and its police are.

"CM has indicated that innocent people will not be persecuted or punished in any way and that anyone who is guilty will be lost," said Randeep's spokesman Surjewala in communication.

There is no party to transport; Seeing such issues through a religion or caste prism, he said.

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| Prepared by: Ahona Sengupta

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