Event Kanhaiya from Begusarai became a “Client” between CPI and RJD for Alliance Alliance

New Delhi: An ex-president of the student union of JNU Kanhaiya Kumar à Begusarai in Biha was described as "the insolvency" between the CPI and RJD as the party led by Lalu Prasad ensured that the person in question was Kumar's chairman. as a result of the discussions with Lok Sabha as a result of discussions. e.

According to Rajya Sabha MP and spokesman RJD Manoj Jha, the CPI-RJD fellowship could also not be created, as the party was reluctant to support the Tanveer Hasan candidate, considering t the significance of his work and the work he did in Begusarai.

“The RJD has been pretty strong, even in the name (Narendra) Modi at the time of the 2014 election, the candidate got almost four lakh votes and since then; He never left Begusarai – we have a strong signal that wanted Hasan and there is nothing we could do. And it became a tragedy.
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In the 2014 Lok Sabba elections, Hasan was finished second by losing to Bola Singh with over 55,000 votes. Rajendra Singh was the third CPI with almost 1.92 lakh votes.
Sources in the RJD said that there were "a number of strong strengths", such as an old face, an uncontroversial image and a small tag, which was in Hasan's favor and added to the party's decision to let the alliance.

According to sources in the Bihar unit of the CPI, there was also disquiet among a group of leaders about the organization naming Kumar and influencing its relationship.

Jayant Jigyasu, who was a close helper in Kumar's air in sedition, said he later sent to set up the RJD student shield in JNU, saying he was "the denial". and a lack of ignorance that Kumar had brought from the allies'.

"Kumar was given considerable support in the JNU by different organizations as he was seen as a director and not an opportunity. As a director, he should have considered forming a alliance and defending the BJP as opposed to one. is a fan for his political career. "

"There's nothing wrong with the political aims, but there's a lot more that it could be given to the board rather than just an insolvency practitioner for crucial relationships," Jigyasu said.

Kumar did not reply to the statements to report on the fellowship's decision.

Kumar, who has emerged as a major figure in Left's politics, is going into a three-way competition with Giriraj Singh and RJD's Hasan.

Former leader Jawaharlal Nehru (JNU) gained fame in 2016 and was subsequently charged to theory charges after an incident about Parliament suspension to the Afzal Guru offensive when it was stated that there were anti-national slogans. built.

On 14 January, Police Delhi had registered a fees sheet in court against Kumar and others for the process of hosting a march and supporting the massage of clusters that had been built on the JNU campus at 9 events. February 2016.

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