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Getting students back from Ally, Drift Disorder: Bumpy Road Heading ahead for Cong-JD (S) Tie-up

Bengaluru: Did the prime minister HD Deve Gowda brag more than he can chew? It is likely that in Karnataka where the leaves of Janata Dal (Secular) have become cold legs after he understands that he has no candidates to send up from his seats in forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The JD (S), who runs a coalition government with the Congress in Karnataka, had been claiming 12 of the 28 Lok Sabhas. The state state leaders were surprised by the request, especially as the Gowda decision is a force in just six areas in the ancient Mysore area.

After discussion, the Rahul Gandhi Congress placed eight seats on the JD (S) and the state unit agreed to respect the contract.
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Although it was easy to get seating, there is now a crisis for the Gowdas. The sub-group has no applicants and does not have an organizational structure in five of the eight seats. The last day for naming nominations around the corner, the Gowda party has spoken to Transport and asks for a candidate “loan” to fight on the JD (S) symbol.
It does not want to give these seats to the BJP, the Congress appears to have agreed to the recommendation.

Bengaluru North, Udupi-Chikmagalur and Uttara Kannada are currently with the BJP, and the JD (S) will be the Conference candidates for that.

“The JD (S) is enthusiastic and ambitious. They just wanted eight seats to send their critics a message that it is a pan-Karnataka political party, ”an unknown state command director said. “Now they're in trouble. If that is left an option, they have gone through to the Congress for applicants. ”

The candidate JD (S) of Bengaluru North appears to be the president of the Karnataka BL Shankar conference. The estimate is not well down with local Transport leaders – the party has five MLAs against two from JD (S) and one from the BJP.

Shankar confirmed that, once Gowda's gillies had garded, there was a current proposal of this kind.

In Udupi-Chikmagalur, the JD (S) seems to be placing the old Pramod Madhvaraj minister on his symbol. The recent Senate elections from Udupi were lost a short time near.

In Uttara Kannada, the JD (S) reports that Prashant Deshpande or Nivedith Alva are fighting for the symbol. Prashant Deshpande is the son of RV Deshpande, Minister of Revenue, and Nivedith Alva is the chief executive of Transport Margaret Alva.

Even with the location of the Bijapur or Vijayapura stand for the Recorded Castes, the JD (S) is struggling to identify a good candidate by being a sponsor of the Congress.

In Shimoga, the JD (S) has served as MLA Madhu Bangarappa previously as a consortium candidate. He recently lost a sub-election Lok Sabha to tell BJP leader BS Yeddyurappas a son of Rayhandra with 52,000 votes.

The JD (S) – the symbol of the party has an extra issue. Voters outside of the old Mysore area are unaware of the model and Transport is frightened that this upset may be confusing for hard supporters who are not voting for candidates t the consortium.

Directors of the Local Transport Service feel that the symbol is a problem. “By associating with the JD (S) just to prevent the BJP from coming to power, it seems likely that Transport had a devastating effect on its own in the long run,” t senior director of Transport. “Except three seats, the BJP is clearly ahead of the other five. Even before they are named, we have lost the game. ”

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