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As long as you want to think of this story as the Gool April story, it's not. Shoe games include Google having made the app Maps easier to use. Now you can Play a version of the classic Snake game mobile and desktop.

April's April: Google Maps lets you play a version of the classic Snake game

Google Maps has a new eating egg. Image: Google

On your mobile application, playing Snake, tap the menu at the top of the screen, and when you see a little object you will see a new menu entry. Play Snake & Play; (if you see this for the first time, it looks like a red pad will appear in front of you to take your attention). Cliché, but if you do not select the option, please close the app and send it back to the app.

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When you're inside an egg of the plant, you can choose between different towns that you would like to play on, including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo. Now you only need to move the train or bus around the map to build passengers and landmarks.

Google said that the resource is released to iOS and Android users over the air.

Also, the game will stay on the Maps app for the rest of this week. And for users who are easily accessible to snakes, you can also play it Separate website for game on your desk.

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