Google updates new security updates to & # 39; Safer Internet Day celebrations


Google updates new security updates to & # 39; safer Internet Day Safer (Representative Image) & nbsp | & nbspPhoto Credit: & nbspAP

San Francisco: As part of the "Safer Internet Day", Google gave two updates – expand Chrome's "Password Checkup" and "Cash Protection" – to protect users' applications, websites and accounts from data breakdown & 39; third parties may have. "We are always working to make sure that your data is protected, whether you use Google or do not search the websites and the websites, favorite apps, "writes Kurt Thomas, Investigator of Security and Vulnerability, Google in a Tuesday blog post.

If Google finds a username and password on a site from over the 4 billion certificates already installed, the Chrome extension would be added to a mobile alert and a password change suggestion, appointed appointment. "We built a Check Password & # 39; so that anyone, including Google, can not give you information. This is the first version of the Password Checkup & "And we will be valued in the coming months," says Thomas.

The "Crocodile Protection" was designed as a safety tool for the apps and websites that need to sign in to Google. By generating the device, Google would be able to submit information in the process of controlling account control or security and other security threats to protect its users as well as the platform.

"We have designed the security events to be very limited to protect your privacy. We do not share but the security event has occurred, basic information about the event and information with apps where you have log in with Google, "said Thomas.

Google has developed these protection methods with the help of cryptography researchers at both the University of Wales and Stanford along with other major technology companies such as Adobe, and the Task Force Internet (IETF) status community.

"With technology such as Password Checkup & # 39; and Protecting a Cross Account, we continue to improve our users' security across the internet, not just on Google. We will not stop everyday protection to keep you safe on-line, "said Thomas Post. This new security updates from Google will be part of the" Latha Safer Internet ".

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