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Growing Fàs, yesterday and yesterday Tesla – how could the company continue Hyper growth


Published on it March 24, 2019. |
by Paul Fosse

March 24, 2019 by being # 39; Paul Fosse

As I emerge in any case, I hold some of Tesla's stock in one of my investment trusts. I own the stock as I believe the company is a feeling of optimism, high risk and lots of prizes. I'm not trying to pump the stock price, but you could make that decision based on my stock holding and my attitudes to the company. Do not consider this advice on investment.

From the chart above, Tesla has shown remarkable growth in the last 10 years, growing from around $ 15 million in annual revenue in 2008 to over $ 21 billion. the recent 2018 calendar year which was recently completed. This growth rate of 107% is not complicated for small starts, but rapid growth will become more difficult to maintain as the company grows. To date, Tesla has been able to maintain very high growth rates of 74% over the last 3 years, just a little slower than 100%. So I thought for this article that I think how Tesla might continue to grow at high rates for several years until it reaches the ambition of accelerating to sustainable energy. This mission includes tools, trucks, storage and sun. I am not going to discuss separate trucks, storage, or sunlight, although they are interesting areas. At a high level, to grow Tesla, it needs to build more cars that people want for a price that allows the company to make a profit.

Building cars people want

There are two parts to car construction which people want. Designing the car and building it. Indeed, the two parts are connected, from the conclusions you make in the design (cough, cough) flying doors, t cough) building a car can be very difficult. Elon mentioned at the Model Y that the factory's design to build the car is 100 times harder to build the car.

Model publishing helped me to understand that the Tesla strategy has now moved. Instead of trying to prove the world that he can make the best car in the world, with a profit, more or less aimed at the Mod S, the Model X, and t The Model 3, the Model Y is bigger. fairly small. The aim is to show how they can confront most of the world's vehicle market (both the clay and miniature sectors) and some design to the design of the Model 3. t hope Tesla can carry out most of the hard work to build a Model 3 model to build the Model Y line.

It is also possible to even model Model 3 and Model Y were built on the same construction line. Tesla can use batteries, motors, electronics and the inside to build the next two vehicles, the pickup and the $ 25,000 Model 2, which could leave the Tesla in the production heir for a ramp. the Models S, X, and 3. Ann. high market for $ 15,000 electric cars, but as the pace of change for EVs goes, we may not have to build much. If we have a million miles to run for Teslas, there will be enough cars with 500,000 miles to meet the demand for cars at a reduced price. Some prefer a new car at a lower rate of $ 15,000, and I am sure that hundreds of Chinese and other emerging producers will be able to satisfy that need.

Another problem that requires proof from Tesla (or the supermarket industry) it generates many models that there will be 100 copies of the same car at the car park in the local center. It's not a big problem for searching for your car, since your app will steer you to your car, but people don't want to drive a common car. I don't speak how this will be settled but say it is a good problem. This is a problem that the traditional makers are very good at solving. They will encounter lots of different cars that are not entirely different.

So Tesla has suggested that designing a car is easy but useful for building, but there's a plan coming up to avoid new factories by just using it t the company in building production lines Model 3. You will still need to pay for the new factories, and how do you do that?

Funding New Gigafactories

Tesla has been able to create around $ 4 billion a year in cash streams from the existing jobs (including the last quarter of the year and doubling them, I explain to – Tesla Cycling – why don't they change the seasonal price of the other companies too.

Tesla believes that the cost of collecting costs for the future of drug trafficking is easier from around $ 4 billion a year to around $ 2 billion per year (I think). T that note is from the 4Q call, but could be from interrupting the factory or other article). This means they can divide their cash-flow to fund about one gigafactory this year and spend the other $ 2 billion to develop existing factories and design new vehicles and system design. It doesn't allow them to pay debts, but companies that are growing quickly are delighted not to go to capital markets to fund their growth.

So, what vehicles and numbers can I see the Tesla building?

Representation / Car Rental

Elon Musk's recent podcast will have sales estimates of my interpretation on Elon Musk's comments.

As can be seen from the tables above and below, Tesla is planning to become the world's first leading hardware company, with only 4 full-size modules.

Receipt from OICA report:

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Depending on the gradual loss of other goods when users around the world understand that electric cars are better and not willing to buy a car or a diesel car, Tesla could be as the world 's biggest producer around 2025. When this happens. if the other representatives have designed good cars that meet the needs of their customers, they will not be able to obtain sufficient batteries to move the product quickly to EVs when the taste of customers moves .

How does Tesla match supply to demand?

Tesla's competitive advantage is the chance that it is selling its vehicles into different markets. Most cars have to be re-operational to meet local safety standards and emissions. Tesla vehicles do not have any emissions and are designed to be safer than any regional status, so they will have to upgrade the sailing port, since it is changing in line with market.

So how will Tesla use her international designs to match the request to that?

  1. Tesla publishes a special vehicle which has a much wider value than is available today in any part of the world. This will create a long waiting list for the output and force people to keep their vehicles a little longer than normal, waiting for the Tesla.
  2. Tesla will bring the new vehicle or module to the USA and Canada as it unlocks goods and reduces manufacturing costs.
  3. Tesla will introduce the new vehicle or model to the left-hand markets in Europe and China at the time the US request is canceled after it has operated through its waiting list.
  4. Tesla will introduce the new vehicle or model to the markets within the immediate crisis in Europe and China after the pent up bid.

Then it will begin again at the top with a new module (currently $ 35,000 Model 3) or a new vehicle (the Model Y, Pickup, or Model 2). When demand changes in one market, they will just start moving to the next market. The 'shorts'; flying “Demand Problem, ”But Tesla continues on; increasing production and sales to existing and expanding markets to new markets. They need to design a new vehicle every year to start the circle. Thinking about how slow the competition is moving, it's not that difficult.

But What about a Competition?

Tesla needs to continue to manage around a range of events to raise demand and reduce demand. Countries send and visit purchase subsidies and other EV incentives. They promote the ban on diesel gas and gas in specific cities that push the way ahead of their effective dates. The competition will be contested by a Tesla car competition. The 5 areas for which competition will be difficult are: t

  1. Solar and battery cost. Tesla's large scale savings are the largest manufacturer of battery modules (not cell) worldwide and a reliable chain of supply has been established.
  2. Effective effective planning that reduces the size of the battery required for an appropriate range. As we see, many companies can do a lot, but doing one effective as Tesla is very challenging. I feel only with the products of Hyundia / Kia from efficiency effectiveness (apart from Tesla).
  3. Use of supercharger, average speed, and reliability. Elon may not call it, but everyone else thinks it is. If Tesla is opening this up for other producers, it just provides more funding to expand the large network of costs.
  4. Full Self-Communication. All Tesla cars built from October 2016 are equipped to be completely independent. Other companies will have large self-driving operators in elected and offered models in new cars, but Tesla did not define a normal sensory range and decided to buy all the cars with years ago.
  5. Safety. Tesla is full of safety far beyond the requirements of any government group. It is a coincidence that the top three cars tested by all NSTSA are Tesla vehicles.


I make it easy enough, but it's not easy to grow with ten times over the next 6 years. Tesla has done this before 3 times, but this time it will be harder as the competition is no longer sleeping. Some companies have made “Kodak Moment” where they understand that they can, or will not, be able to move to new technology quickly for life. Other companies are “zombies” or the dead who are walking. They do not yet understand that they have organizations that they cannot build vehicles that customers want and do not have enough time or resources to make the transition. When they issue it they may split back their employees and sell the remaining clips to the well-designed companies that the customers are looking for. But some key drivers also jump into the EV transition and aim to benefit.

P.S. I heard Tesla sells all demo cars at the end of the season. Occasionally they offer large discounts with models a few miles. Hurry if you want one of these conditions. If you want to take advantage of my Tesla crossroads to reach 1,000 miles free. Supercharging on Tesla on Model S, Model X, or Model 3, code: (but as previously mentioned, if another owner helped you more, please use the link) instead of name.

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