Halo: Outpost Discovery's tour was published for Halo fans

Halo fans in U.S. chance to break themselves later this year, affecting all-time tourism expertise that Microsoft says "to live the accuracy of the Halo movie game as it was never before."

That knowledge, called Halo: Outpost Discovery, promotes games of Halo, VR, and laser tag games, more than 200 video games, special games and more.

Microsoft brings Halo: Outpost Discovery to five cities of USA this summer. Here's what Microsoft says that players can experience 300,000 square feet of play space:

This friendly event allows you to move into the Halo science fiction situation as it has never been before, with subject drawings, interactive collaborators in the world, the latest game games, and many more. Visit Halo Ring, get close and personal with Warthog true, battleships in a fun laser messaging, & # 39; gaining knowledge of world-wide experiences that meet the latest summer technologies, and many others.

Here are the dates and places for the Halo summer trip: Discoverpost Discovery:

  • 5-7 July, Orlando
  • July 19-21, Philadelphia
  • August 2-4, Chicago
  • August 16-18, Houston
  • August 30th September. 1, Anaheim

More information, including how to buy tickets, is available at the Halo: Outpost Discovery website.

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