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Heavy drinking can change your DNA

YORK NEW: Are you heavy drinks? Please note. As well as alcohol that imposes a tax on your health in many ways, it can also encourage long-lasting genetic movement to & # 39; out more tests for alcohol.

"We found that people who drink a lot can change their DNA in a way that will make them more alcoholic," said Dipak K Sarkar, a professor at Rutgers University in the US . "This could help explain why alcohol is so powerful, and one day can add new ways to deal with alcohol or help prevent people from becoming wild. "

For the inspection, researchers focused on two generains involved in controlling drinking behavior: PER2, which is affecting the biological clock of the group, and POMC, who manage our respiratory system. Comparing groups of mixed, medium and heavy drinks, the team found that the two genera had changed in grinding and heavy drink through the gene activation of gene generating a called gene generator methylation. In addition, the bend and heavy drinkers also showed a reduction in the generational movements, or the extent to which those genera produce prototypes. These changes change with more alcohol.

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