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Hundreds of vaccines after the New York crisis failed

NEW YORK: A New York sheriff declares an emergency situation over the measles in the "right track" after hundreds of vaccines were given in two days, the head of the US area told him on Friday.

Under the crisis, Rockland County banned minority women who had not been immunized from public places in an attempt to stop the single-stage disease from spreading.

Planned for 30 days from midnight on Wednesday, the crisis comes with the US boom in vaccination cases, linked to the onset of immunization.

"We have already seen more than 500 new vaccines in the last two days," said the Scottish Government, Rock Day, on CNBC TV.

"People just understand that we're serious about this," Latha added, which extends 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of New York.

“We believe that we are now on a proper route to receive at least 93 per cent of immunization at the first sight,” near the level considered to be smoking to stop. of the event.

Despite an outbreak of measles which was officially released from the United States in 2000, a breach occurred in five states this year, according to the Centers for Infection Control and Prevention (CDC).

The tours for travelers who have brought the disease back from other countries, and most people who got it are not protected, the CPC said.

The World Health Organization has warned that moving vaccines in rich countries includes taking the world's top 10 health threat.

The mountain has gained a reputation in a number of Western countries, including Britain and France, but has a high status in the USA.

Between 1 January and 21 March, there were 314 cases of measles in the United States, the CPC said. Rockland County, with a population of over 300,000, had recorded 157 cases on Friday.

Despite the massive immunization campaigns since the event began in October, around 27 per cent of minorities aged from one to 18 in the area remained unresolved, the earlier day at the event. week.

The worst neighbors are those affected by a Jewish people of extreme bone, where there is a great deal of opposition to immunization for religious reasons.

There are many compulsory vaccines historically for children to go to school in the United States. But 47 out of 50 states allow exemption for religious, moral or personal reasons.

In Washington, the north-west of the country, the US state confirmed a crisis situation for the outbreak of measles, a disease of the outbreak causing fever, cough and pressure that could lead to death in rare cases.

On the day of the day, the day asked that the law for the school vaccine be compressed and that the draft law had been discussed at this stage at the state level.

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