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Improve green health with green tea

Studies have shown that tea benefits go beyond obesity.

Washington: Green Tea was later found as the Hail Mary for not only obesity, but a number of other infamous biotics associated with poor health have recently been studied. The mouse was tested to find out what other benefits a green tea might be and was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

The researchers found that baited mouse animals with a teaspoon of a teaspoon of 2 per cent were better than those who ate it, a search which has motivated their study. What may happen to people with high risks of diabetes and heart disease.

The benefits of the new survey seem to emerge from hidden health, including more profitable microcosts in the mouse mice and less flexibility in the narrow wall known as adverts. like the cold hair.

“The results of the studies looking at obesity regulation had been largely a mixed bag. Some seem to support the green tea for weight loss, but few other research has had any possible impact, due to the complexity of the diet associated with a number of functions it was intended to achieve. Let's find out how he was getting pressure off, "said Richard Bruno, the author of the study.

The researchers experimented with the study of the effects of green tea in male mice ate a normal diet and a fatty diet designed for obesity. (British mice cause obesity in a diet with suicide and troubles of insulin problems, making a prediction of diabetes, so they were not included.) T

For eight weeks, half the mouse was a fully fated diet that was designed for obesity and half of its diet had eaten. In each group there is a half-tea tea with their food. After that, they measured body weight and fat, stopped out of insulin, spread gut syndrome and inflammation of the fat and containers.

The mice that served a lot of food high in fat and green tea were about 20 per cent less weight and insulin insulation was smaller than mice in a similar diet tea.


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