MIUI 10 Global Beta 9.3.28 will introduce Security Portability April 2019 and Dark Mode

MIUI starts Android for its devices, adding a number of new features on the Android stock top, to the extent that you don't often recognize the Android version of Xiaomi's device. Xiaomi runs a running public Beta for a number of his devices, allowing the community to try out new features before they can make their way to the Stable channel. The latest MIUI 10 Global Beta 9.3.28 brings security settings in April 2019 and a dark system system through to some supported devices.

The official switch off in the MIUI forums is as follows: t

  • Add dark mode:
    After opening, the system's interface and some applications use a dark color as the primary color.
    Go to Preferences -> Exhibition -> Dark Mode
  • Update Android Security Patch (March 2019)
    More system security.
  • A virus check began after users had completed scanned result.
  • A battery signal did not appear when the Info shadow was opened on a Lock screen.
  • Add glossaries while clear wallpapers are applied.
  • Issues about displaying messages on a Lock screen.
  • Errors occurred by entering passwords and PINs.

However, based on user feedback to date, that is the official change seems to be mistaken in a few places. For example, there is no dark mode available across all devices: it still lives in the Poco F1, while Xiaomi Redmi has Note 5 Universe and Xiaomi Mi 8 reports that method dark in attendance.

In addition, the official change refers to security measures in March 2019, but the About Phone screen from two devices shows that the phone is on security parties in April 2019. It is reported that the Poco F1 and Mi 8 on the April 2019 security level, and the deadline date is April 5, 2019, with the Redmi Note 5 Global. they will usually be shared with OEMs in advance to be included within updates.

Member MIUI Ilovemi8 lists all the changes they have found in the most recent Beta Mi 8. The changes include a modernized security area, a dark system-wide arrangement, notification location modified, new battery style display (release, green fees., fast blue cost), and changing styles. You will be introduced to the new features of their role.

MIUI 10 Beta Earth 9.3.28 is published for a number of tools named in the official nomination post. Redmi Note 4X, Redmi Note 4, Redmi S2 and Mi 9. tNo update is given for the Redmi Note 4X, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi S2 and Mi 9. t Note 5 and the Redmi Note 5 Pro on Android. Last week. As a note on the side, some users have reported that this Beta has questions by uploading the microSD chart on the Redmi Note 5, thus taking appropriate backup accordingly.

You can download the latest Beta from the download page.

We hope Xiaomi is developing its variables to fully reflect the coordinated changes at each device level.

Source: MIUI Forums

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