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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to send her; Applications have been submitted to Manchester United Heavyweight Compensation

United statistics have increased significantly since Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho in December.

That has been the beginning of a huge increase in the results, with 14 matches under Solskjaer bringing 11 benefits and just one round.

"Maybe it's tied, yes," said Solskjaer. "But when will you make that change? Do you wait until you're a seasonal and think you will change your results by simply not asking them to run?

"Do not we start now and show them strict duties and how do we want to play?"

The care manager has made a point to play United for playing an early invasive game that was known in the & # 39; Most 26-year-olds were the age of Alex Ferguson who was over Old Trafford.

"You saw what I chose," he said. "We need to play as a Manchester United team. If you want to be part of Manchester United, it's the best survival, is not it?"

Solskjaer acknowledged that corporate requests could be a hard style to pay some of the most experienced members of his team.

But he emphasized the importance of professionalism from the range, saying that their players could be able to; going on.

"They are older, they are not Juan, Nemanja (Matic), Ander. So it's about the preparation, the standards you need to do; staying up and out of the field as a Manchester United player, and as a professional player in the Premier League.

"Not just turning, playing and training and then going home and doing everything out there from the football we saw all of the players did.

"I'm happy with the way my guys responded in that way, that we can not see too many of them outside football.

"That was a big part of my job – as long as you're a football player and that you play in the Premier League, most off due to suddenly you'll get this wound and you've done it. "

& # 39; We'll get a Lukaku & # 39;

Solskjaer, at the same time, ensures Romelu Lukaku gets himself into the right shape to find the best way again.

The ten player, who has ten scored games, began in December that he added the magnificence to help Belgium finish the third World Cup last year on blocking to put on the & # 39; board at a club level.

"I understand why, when you go to the World Cup and see the teams you play, the physical possibilities may be taken over your preparation.

"We want our promoters to work to a higher degree, to run on the back, but that he loves it, and I'm sure it will be right.

"Muscle is not so hard to get rid of. It's hard, but it's busy. We'll get it in the box and put our goals together, that's up."

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