President of Police Kolkata arrives for CBI Grilling in Shillong Amid Mamata vs. Modi

Kolkata: Kolkata Rajeev Kumar's police commissioner in Shillong is a quiz with his / her; CBI Saturday in connection with Saradha's multi-crooked scam.

The High Court had been leading this week to guide Kumar to appear before the CBI began and "loyally" Co-operation to investigate issues related to Saradha's cash fund, but made it clear that it will not be arrested.

The quiz is recorded on a day after Kolkata Police on two company land claims that it was linked to Nageswara Rao, who was an interim leader of the CBI. It is estimated to be The policing activity is considered to be a separate response to the investigation carried out at Rajeev Kumar's police headquarters on this Sunday, as it was ordered when Rao was still the director of the research body.
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A company probably appeared by the Kolkata police – Angela Mercantiles Pvt Ltd – also made faster after recording a complaint at Bowbazar Police Station, police. The attack was made at two offices of the company – one in central Kolkata and the other in Salt Lake City.
Officially, Kolkata Police said the attack was made because the company was not listed as the law.

Although primitive reports say AMPL was owned by Rao Mannem Sandhya's wife, the CBI officer was in a denounced statement. In an earlier statement, he had also explained the financial matters.

A & # 39; s not connected Company said to his family members, Rao said he had already clarified this issue through a news release on 30 October 2018. "In addition, detailed information about all my family and mineral assets has been sent Nowadays, it has been sent to the government, "said he.

The police said that there was a "row of things" between the company and the Rao woman who is under a scanner.

They said there are three issues – in particular £ 25 that was loaned by Rao's wife from the company in 2011-12, paid £ 1.5 crore to her company in 2012- 13 and paid £ 14 lakh as salary to Rachel's daughter – that's a to watch it.

AMPL is a non-banking finance company (NBFC) with his registered office on 5 Clive Row (Dr Rajendra Prasad Sarani). In October 2018, the registered office was in the CA block of Salt Lake City, Sector-I. It was included in February 1994, in accordance with the Company's Regulations of Company.

"There are some irregularities in the financial affairs that we analyze," a & # 39; maintain a source of police.

The police are trying to say why; Rao's wife needed to defend the money, what was just the nature of her business, and what her daughter had at the time of her daughter; this financial transaction.

The owner of a company, one Praween Agarwal, is likely to be queried by the police of Kolkata at Lal Bazaar's headquarters on Saturday.

This comes just after the ugly opposition between the government of West Bengal led by Mamata Banerjee and the Narendra Modi government at the Center promoted by the CBI. control the police after they appeared at Kumar's residence, saying he had destroyed the evidence of the chit scams.

Acting that the CBI was born to her; trying to get rid of a BVP soldier politician who was managing, Banerjee was sitting on a three-day basis, and ended up just suing after the Court of Landlords defended his & # 39; main catchup.

But ask her & # 39; court that he must take part in the CBI to try into the property kit scam and do it; He asked for a quiz in Shillong. Both sides had an impact on it. At the same time, a new CBI team came to Kolkata on Friday with special orders to investigate the SIT that had examined the Saradha fundraising case.

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