PUBG Lite beta comes to four other countries; starting from 13 February: This is when you get it


PUBG Lite beta comes to four other countries sooner & nbsp

PlayerA Battle's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been aware of gamers and the online multi-game multi-game batteries are now available on smartphones, PCs, Xbox, PlayStation and more. However, it is said that PUBG Mobile is the most impressive version of its. game because it is free to use PUBG Mobile volunteers on smart phones as it is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store as a free request.

Now, keeping this in mind, Tencent Games has launched a more lightweight version of PUBG's PC for low-quality hardware and although it's currently available in Thailand, PUBG Lite a & # 39; make his way to four other countries soon. It has now been confirmed that PUBG Lite will now be extended to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore starting from 13 February 2019.

In terms of the minimum requirements for the PUBG Lite game, the more lightweight version of the Battlegrounds Player can be played Unclaimed on any PC or laptop that offers smaller assignations such as Windows 7, 8 or 10 OS, 4GB of RAM , 4GB of internal resources, Intel Core process i3 and Intel HD Graphics 4000.

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This means that PC players do not need to play a high-quality PC player or wrapper for PUBG and it should be noted, although PUBG Lite has been developed to secure hard support at low level, it is & # 39; offers almost the same knowledge of the normal PC PUBG interface and games.

At the same time, pre-downloads for PUBG Lite will start on 13 February in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore while the beta test servers are open on 14 February 2019. A & # 39; available to India, Tencent Games brings PUBG Lite to more southeast Asian countries that are PUBG players in India or those who do not have access to hardware High to get PUBG Lite in beta format.

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