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Rahul Gandhi's income plan is not possible without walking fees India News

NEW DELHI: The NYAY scheme is not named after the Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, impossible to collect taxes, as the top-economist said he supported the idea that schemes should be run t supported by the center.

Earlier this month Gandhi had launched the Nyunatam Ayay Yojana (NYAY) scheme which promotes Rs 72,000 per year or Rs 6,000 per month to 20 per cent of poorest households in the country. He has vowed to act if the party votes for power. “I think our enumeration needs to find new fiscal resources.

I think it's a thing we have been saying for a long time saying that we are being treated as a nation as we are aiming, "said Abhijit Banerjee, Ford's international professor. T A Foundation at Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Times Now.

"The economy is not viable without increasing taxes. NDA budgets are not economically indebted to no tax. There is nothing that can levy taxes. We were not really against it t As we have halted inflation, "said Professor MIT, he is believed to have advised the Transport party on the scheme. t

Banerjee said that the UPA was "better or worse" using inflation tax greatly and as a result of high interest rates, government debt payments in GDP were falling, in particular. T inflation.

“Now we are not using that, now we have very little instruments to build income. We are really hurt. This is a problem that has deteriorated over the past five years. he made us less of time, "he said.

The recognized economist also considered the need for more centrally supported schemes and “ultra-net subsidies” to be gradually introduced or altered.

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