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SBI Caps extends the date of application for the sale of Jet Airways

New Delhi: On Wednesday, SBI Capital Markets Ltd presented the deadline for owners to take up to 75% control application in Jet Airways (India) Ltd two days to Friday. An advert appearing on an investment bank website with the state stated that the revised date for submission of questions is on 11 April and all views will be taken on 6 April on 12 April.

But official permission for the Jet Airways application process says that some investors have conducted an inquiry into the sale.

It was a hard day on the Wednesday of Jet Airways because Indian Oil Corp. had it. Ltd has provided fuel supplies to the airline for breaking the agreed credit limits, a person aware of the case said. This is the second time that Indian Oil has stopped supplies to the airline over your debts.

“A completion of the belief is that the user could have increased. The most attractive thing is for an airline to supply an air supply with Indian Oil. Once payments have been made, provisions will resume, "said this man.

Later in the day, Indian Indians began to supply Jet Airways with fuel, the man said.

Held with high operating costs and a huge debt, Jet Airways has been struggling to stay away. Her fleet has fallen to 26 aircraft from 119 before he broke over interest payments on 31 December. From January, he has not paid salaries for a number of his staff, and airmen have bought planes after the airline paid with rent.

Lenders, led by the Indian State Bank, took control of Jet Airways in March and gave the person who set up Naresh Goyal to remove all the occupations in order to solve the problem.

The lenders in February decided to turn the airline's debts into an equity by agreeing to take a 50.5% share in Jet Airways, two nominations for the board, and making money. about it 1,500 crore in the airline.

The lenders have not yet turned their debts fairly.

On Wednesday, Jet Airways fell by 1.59%. 263.40 out about the BSE and the Sensex criteria losing 0.91% to finish the day at 38,585.35 points.

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