Sheila Dikshit tries to Time on Congress Request a Competition Lok Sabha

Elections Lok Sab 2019: Sheila Dikshit is head of the Delhi Transport unit.

New Delhi:

The president of the Congress Rahul Gandhi is determined to have Sheila Dikshit, the party's president in Delhi, fight against the ongoing Lok Sabba elections but the former First Minister has sought time to consult him. her family, sources are told to NDTV.

It is likely that the name of the candidate for the seven Lok Sabha seats will be introduced in the national capital over the weekend and Ms Dikshit could be sent from East Delhi, reports say.

The Congress 'middle selection committee (CEC) completed its candidates' names for four seats on Thursday.

"The list of seven candidates will be announced yesterday," said the Hebridean Transport Committee (AICC) which headed the Chacko Delhi PC unit to the PTI news group.

The name Sheila Dikshit is under “bad attention” as the applicant from East Delhi said, said a senior party leader, that she could be involved if her son Sandip Dikshit had failed to compete, PTI news group report.

The party also said they listed a list of the names which the previous minister of Delhi, Yogandnand Shastri, and Olympic winner Sushil Kumar won for the South Delhi parliamentary seat.

"For the importance of voters in Purvanchali in the national capital, the party can send an old Mahabal Mishra warden from West Delhi which has a large number of communities within the east coast and Bihar," said the province. well.

The party appears to have set up Kapil Sibal from Chandni Chowk, the former minister of Delhi, Rajkumar Chouhan from the north-west seat, Ajay Maken from New Delhi and an old MP JP Agarwal from the region. Northeast Delhi Parliament, PTI.

At the same time, after months of speculation, the Congress today made its final and final appearance – Arvind Kejriwal's Aadmi (AAP) party in Delhi for the first time the party has no party in the Aadmi (AAP) ceremony in Delhi. To be held in six other tours on Thursday. The two parties had even come to an agreement for Delhi – four seats for the AAP and three for Congress – PC Chacko said.

He opposed AAP and said Rahul Gandhi, his party leader, had pushed forward for the fellowship. "The Conference president allowed me to converse with AAP. The political requirement is that we should come together and beat the BJP," Mr Chacko told reporters.

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