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Take standard food to avoid shooting

By using low-fiber and high-fat foods in fat and sugar, puts you more at risk of developing bad shepsis, says researchers.

The mice study, published in the Proceedings magazine at the National Academy of Sciences, examined mice that was fed in Western food increased in continuous bleeding, sepsis frequency and higher levels of death than mice & 39; bait as a normal diet.

The risk of life in sepsis is a risk due to the body's response to disease. As a result of the potential effects of fish and organy failure, it is also one of the most common causes of death in the world

According to the researchers, including Brooke Napier from the University of Portland State, the mice had a " getting sepsis harder and died more rapidly due to something of a diet, not because of the weight of stress or impairment, the community of bacteria.

"A mouse protection system showed out on Western food and did a different job. The diet seems to have a safe car activation to make it more susceptible to sepsis, and then when you get sepsis , you'll die faster, "said Napier.

The conclusions can help hospitals be better to monitor patients' standards in the intensive care unit (ICU) because they are already the ones most likely to develop sepsis.

"If you know that a higher diet in sugar and fat is equivalent to more sepsis content and death more when the patient is in the ICU, you can make sure that they are eating the right frees and the right level of lock, "said the Vice-

"If you can insert a food translation while they are in the ICU to allow them to minimize their security system, then you can affect its & # 39; result of something, "she said.

The team also identified molecular symptoms in today's bacteria that could be used as bio-marketers for patients who are at risk of severe sepsis.

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