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The BJP includes tax cuts, kisan stacks, culture line, nationalism, security t

NEW DELHI: Strong focus on national security, a major expansion of income support for all farmers, a pension for small and remote farmers, traders Rs 10 lakh for traders under GST and a lower tax liability and Rs 100 dirt crore. in infrastructure there are some of the most important aspects of the BJP manifesto published on Monday.

The constructive contrast to the Transport manifesto was requested to be set up in formats that required the repeal of Article 35A and the restatement of the long-term application of the BJP for Section 370 with a promise to provide a true hand. your security forces to respond to terrorism. As in 2014, the BJP called for every effort within the constitutional framework to make the mandir mand in Ayodhya.

The party also expressed their close proximity to the enforcement of the High Court order which allows women of menstrual age to gain access to Kerala's Sabarimala nose, and pledges to protect defense. on issues of religion and belief. The manifesto is characterized by an invasive invasion of “cultural heritage”, by the party stating that it sees cultural values ​​as “vital parts of our future” rather than “barriers to it”. progress ”.

The extension promised to bring all farmers, small and small, under the income support scheme will be Rs 6,000 per year, meaning a lot of more than 2. winner of a torch, prime sources of government, declared. This will take the number of potential beneficiaries to approximately 15 pens from the current 12.3 crèche, although shared criminals are not covered under the scheme.

The way forward was likely to be specifically for small regions, small traders, farmers, artists and the middle class, contributing to the collective response to a gifted promise. T 72,000 per annum of income support in the Transport manifesto. Instead of opting for a sweeping census option, the BJP has broken down its commitments to regional commitments that require to be embedded in key voting bodies. promises to be very tough as “poor”.

In the publication BJP suggested that the party was ahead of an award in May.

The party has pledged to spend crore Rs 100 lakh on upgrading infrastructure by 2024 – an ambitious target which is expected to play well with middle classes wanting to see some very good roads and paths. Indeed, the party, which has all the directors enough in terms of “desire classes”, called the start, turning their country's ambition to turn a $ 5-billion economy around 2025 and $ 10 trillion t by 2032.

BJP manifesto information

However, unlike 2004 when he allowed them to be carried away by extremism from India Inc, the party has not lost a view of rural India, home to a large area of ​​voting classes. As such, we are committed to investing in a 25 lakh bunch for improving farm productivity. It focuses on store houses and credit cards without interest up to Rs 1 lakh for farmers who revert to their principle.

After judging the manifesto qualities of Transport as a pledge to the reform of the AFSPA as a weakening of national security, BJP expected Sankalp Patra & # 39; A riot of 'tukde-tukde', thinking of the separatist, strikes the strikes of work from 2017 and the air affecting Balakot in February as evidence of his intention to be guided by national security interest t All inclusive.

The drive to introduce national security with the promise of a major expansion in the social security network in Modi sarkar 2.0 has been boosted. Housing for all in 2022, the provision of water with pipes to all homes by 2024, Swacch Bharat Phase-II is a program of hard waste management in all towns, increased facilities for Bharat Ayushman and financial support and skills training for people who already own t the protection of other aspects.

It is seen that the significant pledge is for £ 100 investment in government-supported infrastructure, the public sector and other support through grant aid and interest breaks. The party said the investments would increase jobs – an attacked case. He also said that GST had reduced the level of tax and higher incomes and that it would be simplified.

The Narendra PM tabled the manifesto with the phrase “one mission, one guide” setting three traits of raptism (nationality), antyodaya (fundamental humanity) and systems (good governance).

The BJP said it would work to reduce all agricultural imports and establish an export and export policy with a fixed device to encourage exports and encourage imports.

Loans at cheaper rates will also be offered to farmers because of the storage of the resulting product. The party has promised to promote organic and chemical farming in an additional 20 hectares of hilly, hilly, water and rainfall areas to encourage sales.

Additionally, membership is linked to the promotion of organic farming and promote organic eco-tourism. Taking one micro-hectare of agricultural land in micro-water, creating 10,000 new Farmers' Group in 2022, and a direct marketing tool for vegetables, fruit, dairy and fish products, is to be installed. manifesto BJP.

The party re-affirmed its commitment to the key mental issues – building Ram's great temple in Ayodhya, removing Art 370's subscription to J&K and Uniform Civil Code. He also stated that Section 35A was discriminated against non-resident residents and J&K women.

“Continuing our work, we legislate to ban and eradicate practices such as triple talaq and nikah halala,” said the party.

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