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The Center for Hyundai to be celebrated on 17 April, 2019

Hyundai Venue is connected to preview by 17 April, 2019 in India. Hyundai Venue Global unveil is to be held in Show Auto International 2019 in New York with news days scheduled for 17 and 18 of the month. Hyundai has now laid out the first design design of Hyundai's new Venue SUV, which symbolizes 3rd SPACE which spans a fashionable, individual, spectacular and unique spectacle ' t Creative Thinking Covering All Costs.

According to the company, Venundai Venue is your place place, on the journey to any destination, he would be involved in activities in the workplace or at weekends to attend to the sporting activities. lives with plenty of features that go round safety, complexity and connectivity. People at Hyundai have enough to inspire, as their latest announcement, Santro, has already taken third place, recording sales of 8,280 units in March. The Korean motorcycle has a target of around 7k-8k of places held by Hyundai each month, and if carried out, will take the place of the second best in the SUV category. Maruti Suzuki Brezza is currently head of this sector, with a value of 13k-14k per month.

This is the first place in the country that offers Linked Car technology, known as Hyundai BlueLink. Powered by eSIM rooted, this technology allows users to locate the location of their car in real time and will pick up warnings, warnings, warnings, a warning warning, a warning warning, a broadcast warning, and more. Users can also lock / open doors / stop / start an engine from a remote location. The pack includes features such as geo fence, carriage movement and vehicle theft tracing.

There are places outwith the place, which are from other Hyundai cars such as Kona and Santa Fe. The main features include the addition of pebble rock, LED LED DRL fluids above lighting, wheel bowled wheels and cast-iron wheels. The interior has an excellent appearance and comes with excellent features such as refrigerated seats, wireless charges, solar acceleration, AC tracks, direction management and a massive 8.0 propulsion system. Support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The security features on the board of Hyundai include a range of airbags, ABS including EBD, control of tours, backup park camera and senses, a seat belt, aid with a brake, rapid spiral lock and access really.

The Hyundai Center will share engines with Verna, a 1.4 liter petrol engine, 4 cylinders that generate 100 hp and a 1.4-liter diesel unit that is 90 hp. Both engines are surrounded by a 6-hand handle. Turbo de Venue will also be transformed, powered by a 1.0 liter petrol engine, 3 cylinders, turbocharged which generates 100pp of max power and 171 Nm of maximum vegetation. The engine is transferred to a 7-DSG unit. The version Venue Turbo will also have three driving techniques. The expected price of Hyundai Vens is available at Rs 8-12 lakh. He will compete with competitors such as Maruti Brezza, Tata Nexon, Mahindra XUV300 and Ford EcoSport.

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