The magnetic pole of the Earth's north moves rapidly, and become weaker and may quickly spread out

The magnetic pole of the Earth's north moves rapidly, and become weaker and may quickly spread out

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Scientists have discovered that the magnetic pole of the Earth's north has been moving as early as the decades; The estimates now have not been right enough for proper address.

Scientists have also dropped out where it was really true, almost a year ahead of its schedule.

The north pole is growing around 34 miles (55km) a year. He passed over the international diary in 2017, and leaves the Arctic Canada on his way to Siberia.

Geologists of the University of Colorado, Arnaud Chulliat, the principal author of Magnetic Models today, have said that the ongoing movement is a problem for companions in smartphones and some buyers' devices practice.

Plates and boats also depend on equipment north, usually as a backup guide. But he said that GPS does not affect it because it is based on satellite.

The weapon is dependent on where there is equipment north to navigate and disable parachute, length & # 39; NASA, the Federal Air Administration and the US Forest Service are also used.
The US and the United Kingdom are liable to the location of their cell phone; in immigration every five years in December, but this came early due to a faster move to & # 39; pole.

From 1831 when it was initially measured in the Arctic of Canada, it has moved around 1,400 miles (2300km) to Siberia. He jumped from around 9 miles (15 kph) to 34 miles (55 kph) from 2000.

The cause of riot is in a base outside the Earth outside the Earth. Iron in the middle of the planet is where the tire and nickel are in the middle of the motion; creating a range of electricity, the geophysicist of the University of Maryland, Daniel Lathrop, who was not part of the team watched his & her; window pole to the north.

Lathrop said that the ditch is like a weather and so a person may be able to include the direct weather.

The pole that flows to the right is; a longer slower move than the north. Generally, the Earth's magnetism range is becoming weaker, scientists say it will eventually be weaker; scattered, where a north and south pole is changing pollination, as bar bones spread over it.

It has been several times in Earth's history, but not in the last 780,000 years. When changing, it will not be like cash climbing, but it will take 1,000 years or more, experts said.

Lathrop will see a climb to & # 39; coming faster later than due to the weak magnetic field and a region across the South Atlantic has gone back under the Earth's surface that could worrying birds who use magnetic fields to travel.
Lathrop said that the total weakness of the magnetic field is not good for humans and especially soldiers and astronauts. The magnetic field that hides the Earth from a part of a dangerous radiation.

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