The north pole is moved

An north pole north moving east, about 55 kilometers per year Siberia

There is no real understanding where it was. Earth northern magnetic pole have been moving as soon as possible; The scientists who have passed estimates are now right enough for proper sailing. On Monday, they published an up-to-date real estate, near a year ahead of its schedule.

The high north pole is growing around 55 kilometers per year. He passed over the international diary in 2017, and leaves the Arctic Canada on his way to Siberia.

The constant move is a problem for some smartphone and some smartphone apps consumer electronicsSouth West Planes and boats also depend on equipment north, usually as a supporting guide, Geological University of Colorado, Arnaud Chulliat, said the new author of the new author World Magnetic ModalNext Post GPS is not affected because it is based on satellite.

The names of airport railways are based on the route they travel north and their names change when the poles moved. For example, the airport in Fairbanks, Alaska, gave the 1L-19R rail line to 2L-20R in 2009.

The USA and the United Kingdom are likely to update the site of their mobile phones. outlined above every five years in December, but this refurbishment was early due to the faster movement of their cell phone.

Moving the phone to the north "is very fast," said Chulliat. From 1831 when it was initially measured in the Arctic of Canada, it moved about 2,300 kilometers to Siberia. He jumped from around 15 kph to 55 kph from 2000.

The cause of riot is in a base outside the Earth outside the Earth. Iron in the middle of the planet is where the tire and nickel are in the middle of the motion; creating a range of electricity, the geophysicist of the University of Maryland, Daniel Lathrop, who was not part of the team watched his & her; window pole to the north.

"There are weather-related changes," said Lathrop. "We could just say he has a great weather." The high electricity pole is & # 39; much slower shift in the north.

In general, the Earth's magnetism range is becoming weaker, scientists say it will eventually be weaker; scattered, where a north and south pole changes pollination, similar to the overcoming sea. It has been several times in Earth's history, but not in the last 780,000 years.

When changing, it will not be like cash climbing, but it will take 1,000 years or more, experts said. Lathrop will see a smeap to see her. come faster later because of the weak magnetic field and an overseas Atlantic area has already gone back beneath the Earth's surface.

This may cause disturbance to some birds that use magnetic fields for travel. And the total weakness of the magnetic field is not good for humans and especially soldiers and astronauts. The magnetic field that flows the Earth from a part of a dangerous radiation, said Lathrop.

The Earth's magnetism range is becoming weaker, scientists say it will eventually be weaker; scattered, where north and south poles change polarity, like a magnetic bar overlooking

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