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There is a broad policy on a railroad like a welcome move, "says e-tail giants

Giants E-commerce Amazon and Flipkart supported by Walmart on 23 February that they are reviewing a draft national e-commerce policy and they will share the results of the proposals within time.

The government published, on February 23, the draft that proposes to be & # 39; establishing a legal and technological framework for restricting the overdose data stream and also setting up situations for businesses with regard to collecting or handling locally sensitive handling and storage of overseas.

"We value the government that seeks to consult on a draft e-commerce policy. We are going through the draft, for ideas and we share what we are entering in a while. As an India's home export engineer, Flipkart has always been at the heart of growing the business. We look forward to working with the government and other stakeholders in developing this department … "said Flipkart spokesperson.

Amazon India, in an e-mail statement, said that its company also has a & # 39; Currently scrutinizing the current policy.

"… we provide what we include during a public review period. We are looking forward to an enabling policy to accommodate over 4.5 -reic and policy that allows us to sketch our logistics network, create new jobs and infrastructure, digital payment and customer's joy, "said the statement.

The 42-page version covers six broad questions of the eco-eco-system – data, infrastructure development, trading markets, regulatory issues, and # 39; Encourage domestic digital economy and promote export promotion through trade.

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On e-commerce market businesses, the draft stated that the policy aims to invite direct investment from overseas (FDI) in the "single" market, made by companies such as Flipkart and Amazon. Online markets should not accept business models or discriminatory strategies and leave one or very few sellers / traders who work on the their platforms over others, the draft is illuminating. It also includes specific steps that will require all websites / e-commerce applications to follow.

Snapdeal spokeswoman said that a broad national policy on the trade is a welcome movement that will provide "a helpful policy environment" for the digital digital economy of India.

"The draft policy aspect of the purpose of electric-based articles must be followed by the effective implementation of the FDI regulations to ensure that there are no marketing centers at at the same time or control it, directly or indirectly. Good information on data as a strategic national resource continues to develop an essential regulation in this regard, "said the person -lairg.

One of the recommendations states that a business-based business group needs to be collected or sold; processing any sensitive data in India and being stored overseas to comply with specific conditions. Not all overseas storage data is provided to business organizations outside of India, for any purpose, even with the users' license, he added.

In addition, the data will not be transmitted to a third party for any purpose and it would not be shared by a foreign government, without prior approval by Indian authorities, the draft said.

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