Three Answers and Three Questions from the Win Over Huesca

It was not very good, especially when the group at LLiga was Huesca, but Real Madrid won another award on Sunday night, knocking the people down in the league. T 3-2. Real Madrid just knows how to make it under Zinedine Zidane.

So what will the coach learn? And what pre-game questions were answered?

Three replies

1. Will Real Madrid put forward a presentation?

The emotional factor had returned, and the worst crew at the league were coming to the town. This is a great opportunity then for Real Madrid to put on a show for their fans – right? Well, of course, wrong. Once again, Real Madrid didn't turn round scenes of goals and only won seven of the 15 homes with the same flap of La Liga, and only won three. or twice more.

2. Will we see December Marcos Llorente again?

Christmas quickly came to December's Real Madrid fans when the Casemiro wound suffered the steady passing of Marcos Llorente's side to show that it was as good as when Alavés lent. Unfortunately, the Spanish suffered a wounded after he had injured his wound and he had not played in La Liga in 2019 until this Sunday. How it used to be, we thought. Well, it seems that December Llorente lives. It was brilliant, in front of the back line, winning the ball back, moving it forward and working as the sort of marshal of Real Madrid wanted to be.

3. What does Zidane see from Brahim?

Brahim Díaz is one of the new faces in the line – signed in January for only 24 minutes before this weekend. Zidane wanted to see him in action and certainly got value for his money. The 19-year-old was very involved. He not only founded the young warrior Isco, with a blow straight across the six-yard box that Rafa Nadal had been proud of, but played some tunes of his eye on the needle. The line-up was composed of several singers. His body was crushed under the brutal and his body was placed on the line when needed. It was sometimes too difficult because it was in the first half when he brought a quick kick to the legs in his own legs but Zidane likes to make the difference.

Three questions

1. Is this the Real Madrid time best with Karim Benzema?

That 's 23 visits now for Karim Benzema this season. Adam was entitled. 9 success in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and what it does. However, it is not just the goals that he is visiting. Benzema was involved in the three goals that were published tonight, supporting Brahim to Isco and then passing over the aim to Dani Ceballos. Whenever he fell deeper outside the district he knew where the room was. So is Benzema the best season? According to figures, it's not. Perhaps based on an eye test.

2. Why did Zidane begin Luca?

The inclusion of Luca Zidane in her father's paddle was a splash on all kinds of social media. That word of end has been settled about it, but that could be unfair when considering that Thibaut Courtois is hurt and played by Keylor. Navas 90 minutes in Guatemala last Friday and 90 minutes in Costa Rica on Tuesday. Yes, custodians can also do. Since Luca has been great with Castilla this season and he looks more like a reasonable decision of staff, not a controversial one. Now we can see what happens in the other nine games. If Luca starts again when the Courtois and / or Navas become fully available, we should perhaps start to question the decision.

3. Where was Marcelo's scratch made out?

We all know that there was no Marcelo year in 2018/19, but he was given a new cause to restore his form back with Zidane's return to the excavation. Two games with a coach that was returned and 180 minutes below her belt. The Brazilians try to influence again, but it really does come off for Saturday night. He was never successful when he had a problem and has been a similar problem to a season. So where was Marcelo's scratch down? Let's lift it back on milk carts now and find it.

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