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NEW DELHI: What happened in the court was held against the Bishop of Leetul Gogoi, who was at the center of the controversy "the human shield" 2017, and there may be a reduction in equity as a punishment for sensitive t "With a local woman in Srinagar a year, officials said. t

The process of court action against his driver, Mame Sameer, who was handling invalid costs from the unit, was also completed and is likely to be known as "gross conduct".

Malla was recruited in the Territorial Army in 2017 and was placed up to 53 sections of Rashtriya Rifles.

After the conclusion of the proceedings, both men were convicted of two accounts – colliding with the local situation despite the opposite, and away from the place of responsibility during their working area, t officials said.

The accused's statements and other witnesses were recorded by the Army court and the punishment, which is reviewed by the Army Headquarters, was stated.

The Army Research Court had made recommendations for a trial against Major Gogoi after he had informed him as well as his driver for a Srinagar hotel event on 23rd May last year.

Major Gogoi was arrested by police after he was impacted by hotel staff when he was said to be trying to enter with a daughter of 18 years.

The girl had expressed discontent and informed the Army authorities that she had reported to her master and that this should be treated as the last position.

She also said that she had gone out with her own Major Gogarry, revealing that she had been a friend of an Army officer through his Facebook profile. concealed, where he called himself Arman's Abbey.

Major Guards had hit the headlines after keeping a link for a man for carrying out in an election in Srinagar Lok Sabha on April 9, 2017.

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