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Virat Kohli says Excuses Left is not lost after losing £ 6 of the RCN in 6th year

Virat Kohli, skipper of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, said he had no apology after giving his team a sixth direct impact recorded above at the Sunday Premier League. Four rockets were hit by Delhi Capitals after their target of 150 to be forced. Kohli's side, which continues to win the prestigious title of the Indian Premier League, forms the basis of the eight-team league and the captain has been increasingly reluctant with his goals. “We need to get those opportunities, we can't apologize every day. We weren't good on the day again. That is the full story of RCB this quarter, "Kohli said after his defeat in Bengaluru.

RCB is now sharing the worst IPL name for the team, starting with Delhi Capitals (formerly Delhi Daredevils), which suffered six losses in 2013.

When the mind is quick, you won't be able to focus on the opportunities you will have. Emotional clarity is very important in the game, especially if you want to change the twins and withdraw the game.

"67 people in Shreyas (Iyer), abandoned on four, … you don't know him, you can return to the game at any time," said Kohli.

Iyer was released by the then Parthiv Patel in the course of his attack and was given a further life span on 42.

RCB has reduced 15 locks so far in his six circuits and Kohli believes he cannot control these things over a period.

"There is nothing longer that you can tell the crew. We have told the boys to take responsibility. It's not happened to date, that's the truth," Kohli, who commands a coat. T IPL batling with 5,151 running.

"Personally, he's not trying to keep control of the tree. It's time to raise his skill. It is going to be a key objective to rest, whatever is ahead of us We want to enjoy it. not a team, or not able to play a good cricket, "he added.

Kohli has been leading the team for the last six seasons but the multi-star unit has been heavily involved.

RCB completed the last two IPL seasons in a sixth and eighth place.

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