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DELIVERY: A three-way war between the Transport, the BJP and CPM began, following Rahul Gandhi

Wayanad Ward of Kerala
be the principal seat of accounts Lok Sabha.

Although the CPM said that Rahul's decision to compete from Wayanad is a direct challenge to the Left, the BJP said by choosing to stand from Wayanad, Rahul has confirmed that it's not encouraging from Amethi. The Congress defended the decision, claiming that Rahul, the future Prime Minister, is to be present in the south of India.

Wayanad is a safe bet for Rahul Gandhi

Wayanad is the northernmost part of the North Kerala which ends with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The division was cut out while waiting for the 2009 seat. At the first election, the Director of Transport M I Shanavas won from Wayanad with a margin of more than 1.53 lakh.

The president of BJP Amit Shah said that Rahul Gandhi has fled to Kerala as he fears that Amethi voters will be entitled to account for him. Referring to the president of the Transport as "Hindu Hindu", director BJP and Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the only reason the Wayanad Way was chosen was because it had a low Hindu population.

"The Hindu population in Wayanad is lower than 49% and Rahul Gandhi regards it as a safe place. Rhul Gandhi is only Hindu for the elections." Rahul Gandhi's lies have revealed her roots in Amethi. That's why he ran to Wayanad, "he put the tweed in." T

The Left was so important as Rahul's decision. CPM chief executive and Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan said Rahul should fight against the BJP and his decision was "just to fight against the Left".

"He is fighting in one of the twenty (or Kerala) constituencies and can not be seen in any difference. We meet him in a block where the BJP is struggling, And he said, "You're just going to fight Left." t

General secretary CPM Prakash Karat supported Vijayan's view. "To select a candidate as Rahul Gandhi against Left, this means that the Congress is about to launch the Left in Kerala. This is something that we need to see strong and in this election. T we will work to ensure that Rhul Gandhi is housed in Wayanad, "Karat he said." t

The Aadmi Amen also expressed the same ideas. AST Gapal Rai's leader argued that the decision represents the uncertain situation of the Transport strategy. "There seems to be a contradiction between the public strategy of Transport to get rid of the government of Modi and its actions. Instead of focusing on eliminating the experimental government and against federalists, it t It seems that the Congress shares the votes where it is against BJP forces are strong. The view of the Congress is out, UP Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, said AAP president.

Referring to the emergence of the AAP failure and the Convention on the signing of a division agreement in capital, Rai said there seemed to be uncertainty in the party's Transport Party. keep a case in the BJP or not.

The Congress opposed the argument by arguing that Wayanad will give India attention to India and help the party to consolidate its territory in Southern India. T .

Transport leader and former Ashwani Kumar minister said leaders of other parties cannot order what constituency they should vote for. "It is each party's responsibility to decide where the leaders are opposing. This is not the first time that has led the fight against election from two constituencies. T

Senior Director of the Conference, PC Chacko, explained the idea behind Rahul struggling for two first parliamentary regions.

"Mr Gandhi's decision to resist from a southern constituency and his traditional region Ameon will create a huge confidence in the party across the country. I am certain that Rahul Gandhi will go to seats are not a hard seat but, as the country's future Prime Minister, he wants to attend in the south also as well, "said Chacko.

Earlier today, Transport's chief executive AK Antony had announced that the Congress's president, Rahul Gandhi, will be fighting against Lok Sabha from Wayanad Kerala apart from Amethi the city.

Antony said the decision was taken after party leaders from the southern states made an unanimous application to Rahul from South India.

Referring to the reasons behind the election for Wayanad constituency, Antony said, "While Wayanad was selected, there were many suggestions for example that Wayanad links three states in this country." Southern Indies, that is Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. "

A spokesman for the Randeep Congress Surjewala, speaking at the same media register, accused the BJP of invading traditions and cultures in different parts of India and admitted that Rahul's representation from the Wayanad seat unites North and South.

"At the moment, the government of BJP and Modi attacks the different culture, tradition and food practices of the different states. Three states in the South Indies called for a connection between North and South, and should be done for the first time. As Rahul Gandhi stands from the south As so, Rahul has decided to represent the south as he is an integral part of the Indian way of life and the Indian Indies. developing. "

Responding to a question about the BJP complaint that a president of the Congress was not confident in Amethi, and that is why he is struggling from another trophy, Surjewala said: "Why Modi leaves Guirat ji and competition from this competition?" Varanasi? Wasn't confident in Gujarāt? In the first place, she lost (Minister of the Union Smriti Irani) in Chandni Chowk then in Amethi and now she is heading off a bad reward. "

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