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Why not reliance Mukesh Ambani's e-commerce as anything like Birla, Tata, Godrej over exams

Reliance is in the form of almost 300 million users who use the Jio service.

For more than ten years, the Indian indoor e-commerce system has one full visit of growth and growth in which digital enterprises were born out of one room rooms, and then they had Increase to values ​​that are not seen previously to find out or try to stay out with a scrap call.

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However, this cycle does not have a & # 39; definition of beginnings. India's multi-national companies, just from the Aditya Birla Group, Godrej to Reliance, and Tata, have been a party. The demand for a division into the Indian indigenous market has already burned their fingers.

Aditya Birla and fashion tunnel, a Godrej e-grocery at EkStop, Tata Group & TataCliq and Reliance's and have been involved in the size of existing large e-commerce companies. separate sections or closed down.

"It's really difficult to see how big the school works as school children even to think about what they have done just and to & # 39; cost a few burdens, "said Harminder Sahni, founder and director of the Wazir Advisors company.

Email was sent to Tata and Godrej as long as Reliance and Aditya Birla Group responded to a long time ago; refusing to tell the story.

One argument about the failure of the overseas heavy deposits that continues to & # 39; e-commerce drives "Large corporations failed because someone came with a huge foreign currency, and even made a multi-tapeworm shop though it has been on an online business and other research, "Kumar Rajagopalan, Head of the Indian Sales Association.

Another point is that domestic domestic retailers such as Reliance can not have a long-term and long-term loss; enjoy Amazon no Flipkart "India's law does not allow us to list our local retailers if they lose such a loss," said Kumar.

Despite this, we will see the next level of growth on its & # 39; Flipkart post market, is head of Mukesh Ambani, who wants to be a choice, for customers, over Jeff Bezos, Amazon and Flipkart with Walmart. But after that time, can I get a newest bet for an American, the richest and Indian business?

"At least Reliance succeeds or is not like crystal ball," said Kumar. There is still a question about government capacity to support Indian businesses. "Normally, regulations have been created in a way that does not give rise to the importance of Indian businesses. Alibaba in China and Walmart or Amazon in the US has become a major part of government support," he said.

However, for market experts, the answer to the Reliance question is that which; It's great in your e-commerce game but it's a big hope.

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Indeed, Reliance has been based in the form of nearly 300 million users who use the Jio service with 10,000 habitats in its retail arm in more than 6,500 cities in the -Innseachan. Indeed, it has an entire ecosystem, very similar to Amazon.

"There is an ecosystem system, financial services, payment gateway, etc. at Reliance When customers block these services, it is a time-consuming issue before the goods can be offer, "said Arvind Singhal, chairman and director's director of the Technopak shopkeepers company.

In addition, compared to Amazon or Walmart, there is no trust in home-grownness in relation to FDI constraints in an export. This may be a place of regulation for the e-commerce bulkins; there.

Another important reason is that plagiarists start different profit sizes, which Ambani does not need to be; down treatment, worry. The Reliance Industries reported a total of 9,459 tree profiles of trees in the quarter ending last June.

"A shop department ranges from 3-5% of profits and Reliance has been able to maintain that profit. No one would think they would take something like Jio," said Naresh T Raisinghani, CEO and Executive Director of the India department of the BMGI global consulting company.

But, apart from capital and infrastructure, Reliance would have to work on the shift mindset, to cash shooting and delayed profit? But experts disagree.

"If there is a problem problem with trouble, then why Walsart is missing, he has been a profit from the last 40 years. Jo only turned out profits in the last three quarters after losing his loss from was launched. Retail Reliance was started in 2005, they did not report profit to 2015, "said Sahni.

But it is expected that the rate of Reliance burns for a new e-commerce is lower. With almost 300 million Jio customers, he does not have to pay an interest on purchasing buyers, Singhal said. Also, since the company has a strong EBITDA in its & # 39; corporate shop, it can ensure that it offers search, distribution, supply chain, private leaflet, etc.

EBITDA Retail Reliance built more 20% to 1,680 crore in the quarter December 2015 from the previous quarter.

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Although Ambani has named the new e-commerce platform to "strengthen and strengthen 12 small retailers and shopkeepers in Gujarat," but it can be built over now if Gujarat does not have to be restricted.

"Reliance does a lot of things like a pilot. and could be a pilot because we have not seen any further progress on those platforms. Reliance Retail was first run as a pilot at the company's Jamnaagar Gujarat facility. He also had a major local business chain in Mumbai to confirm the Reliance's main store series, "Singhal said .

If everything is falling into the place, Reliance may be able to work on a final mile delivery challenge solution even though there is a strong network of goods that are a & # 39; answering the sales shops.

The question remains as it will be; serving all customers with the delivery of a flat door, correct results, refunds, fighting fake material, etc., to stand up in the e-commerce market worth $ 38.5 billion.

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