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Willful & no sacrifice & # 39; to the staff, Jet Airways: Naresh Goyal

MUMBAI: The launch of the Jet Airways, Naresh Goyal Friday, tells his staff that he is willing to do "any sacrifice" and revitalize the ferry company.

He also ensured that the management, under CEO Vinay Dube, will inform them of the reconciliation plan by March 18, and then the situation will "quickly get" in his favor ; company.

Goyal's emotional letter to his staff came two days after he agreed to take a step down as Jet chair, according to people in the knowledge. His son is compiled to represent the remaining part of his share after a division of fairness and subsequent division division, which is at the heart of his / her. its support plan.

Goyal said he has been "advocated to all of you from my heart, to behave through this difficult situation a little longer, until we come out of the challenges and fossil challenges, to light blue vessels ".

"Through this, I personally promise you from my heart, that I am willing to make any sacrifice to ensure your convenience and success, the operation of the airline and indeed , all staff of the company, "

"No, I do not have and I will never give up patience,"

Fish, which looks at the most difficult times to live in 25 years, delays remuneration, imposed on loan repayment and plane rental lease payments. The airplane has set up 40 of the planes or returned to light bulbs, or a third of its original fleet of 123 in the past few months.

Someone close to the contributor said that his company is on the # 39; least to eliminate 5-6 aircraft each air is dried or an average of 100 daily airplane.

Goyal said he was very proud of his staff who were "working longer than the calling of duty, despite a salary pay delay," he was "to reflect on a fantastic religion in tension, belief and longevity of our organization "

"My friends and colleagues are my friends, the heart and soul of Jet Airways, which is always bigger than me – I never forgotten and never done," he said.

The provisional settlement plan is run by the bank to & # 39; expects to increase the capital department by 11 hours; lenders make the largest shareholders of the airline and in the second section that distributes sections that will affect its & # 39; share, banks and Etihad Airways at 24% at the company that has a & Keep the largest sections while Goyal's tenancy is a & # 39; falling to 20% or lower.

"Although there are still some steps, there are essential steps behind us and the remaining agreement processes are going well. I have to ensure that I work personally with this situation as soon as possible, "he said.

"In achieving this, the stress that you and your families have passed through, unpaid wages, are very much filled and I'm grateful that I can not afford myself to hurt myself, without any words to deepen my memory for your independent loyalty and dignity that I do not remember for the rest of my life , "he said.

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