WWE says that Vince McMahon is banned

WWE's WWE legend Chris Jericho has said that he was banned by the company Vince McMahon.

Jericho is being considered as a future Hall of Famer after the prestigious WWE post but joined with All Elite Wrestling in January.

This brand new initiative is run by Fulham owner, Shahid Khan, and heroes back by the publication of Ayatollah of Rocknrolla.

It seems that the move with Vince McMahon did not change as Jericho announced that he has been a "public enemy".

It says that it is now banned by WWE and even say that some of its earlier displays have been edited out of online content.

Chris Jericho says he is banned by WWE after being signed by AEW t

Speaking of Sirius XM, Jericho said: “I have spoken to him once or twice.

“But it's now a kind of public enemy.

“I have been taken from the history of the past.

“I asked the other day if I could have two of my boys play my podcast to encourage Mania and I was told,, No, it's not suitable because you are in AEW.

“I'm banned from WWE.

Jericho had an amazing career in WWE but left the company in 2018

“I think my things are still there [the WWE Network]. I was not removed.

“But as far as I know, they had to take some videos down from UpUpDownDown playing for me. That took off.

“They read some of the items from The Edge & Christian Show that got my name.”

Jericho is currently promoting double payment of any AEW payments, which will be held in Las Vegas in May.

All the eyes in the world are currently wary on WrestleMania 35 at WWE next Sunday (7 April).

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