Indira Huilca put a constitutional complaint against Moisés Mamani


The assemblies Indira Huilca (TheNew Zealand) a constitutional complaint against the legislation Moisés Mamani (TheMost of the Force) for the breaking of several articles of the Constitution, as well as agreements and laws related to cascading, and & # 39; punish and eliminate violence against women.

The constitutional complaint describes its & # 39; protest against Mamani made November 14 with a airline and airline supporter Latam for a generic attack that took place inside the plane, a draft that was reinforced by its own airline.

After the events have been recited in a particular order, the collections that are presented to her & # 39; This constitutional complaint says that Mamani "has breached the constitutional regulations that are committed to defending violence."

"It has declined the constitutional right of women to live free from violence (…) The acts of violence against women are relevant constitutional and commit a direct crime on rights set in the & # 39; Constitution for everyone, "the document says.

The document, sent to César Segura, president subordinate Constitutional Barriers, counting the signatures of the assemblies Tania Pariona, The Paloma Noceda, The Marisa Glave, The Patricia Donayre, The Alberto de Belaunde and Sonia Echevarría.

Mamani case

On Wednesday last week, a company employee Latam protest against him Moisés Mamani by dragging this inadmissibly, in line with its layout, when a & # 39; parliament aboard of a port in Puno that was tied to Lima. Videos of a lawyer Most of the Force taken from flight they were then distributed in social networks. The next day, the company published a recital in which he told the incident.

Moisés Mamani to refuse the allegations, which are being audited by the Finance Office, and have given them political reasons because it is "a" corrupt anti-corruption "of the old head offensive Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the number in which they recorded videos helped to bid an attempt to buy boots March this year. This Monday, the Commission of Knowledge He opened an inquiry. The complaint, in addition, has denied a lack in the complaint Transport and departments of the Government, and is likely to be temporarily suspended from a flock Most of the Force.

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