Individuals who are vaccinated against measles and virus don't enter the environment


Doctors remember infectious diseases and the AIDS Center (ULAC) that only a sick person is diagnosed with measles infection and who distributes the virus to an infection of the virus 4-5 days in advance four days after the rash. Individuals who are vaccinated against measles will not let the virus go to the environment and it cannot be cured by others.

ULAC doctors also remind pregnant women who are pregnant and do not know they have been vaccinated with measles, have a infectious disease, contact their doctor and find out. have immunization against immunization against vaccines, and have been immunized for at least one month.
Long-term measles protection is caused by two measurements of measles, the mud, the rubella (MMR).

Who can provide the vaccine with the Priorix PSF budget:
• Children who have not been immunized for some reason according to the calendar for pediatric prevention vaccine.
• People who have been in contact with the patient are immunized with one measure of Priorix.
• The list of people contacted will be made by a public health expert who has been diagnosed with measles.
• A person who knows that he or she has been in contact with a person who is ill and has a reason for not being on the list of people you can contact can apply to the public health department.

You should be immunized for your own cost or your employer's cost:
• People who don't know or have been vaccinated against measles.
• People who have one vaccine of measles.
• People who have not been affected by measles.

Measles is an intense, very dangerous disease that spread through air sweeping and through hands brought into the air or other environmental environments. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 18,112 cases of illness were recorded in January this year. Most of the illnesses were recorded in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sakartwe, Romania, France, Russia, the UK, Slovakia, Italy and others.

According to the WHO, before the vaccine began before the 1980s, every year, every year, 2.6 miles. deaths. The highest death rate is recorded in the group of children under five.

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