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3 Isaac Newton's Discovery Changes the World iNews Portal

JAKARTA, – Sir Isaac Newton became one of the world's largest scientists. Newton made major contributions to mathematics, physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

Thanks to his scientific works, people can understand the world around them. Amongst his well-known works, he seems to be familiar with Newton from deep theory.

In fact, Newton was not only famous for his theory on gravity. There are still many other theories which were abandoned by this man on 25 December, 1642.

Modern telescope
Newton succeeded in creating a brand new telexop. By Newton, the telescope used to be a mere size and left a number of weaknesses.

They can be recognized as the removal of thelescopes, they use a glass lens that changes the color of color at different angles. This approach causes uncomplicated sheaths or artificial areas, around objects you see through the telescope.

After sheltering and trying out the lenses themselves, Newton finally got a solution. He put a mirror in place of the re covering lens, including a large (cupid) man to show the main image and the picture (horizontal) as a counter to displaying eye illustrations.

Newton's new telescope is stronger than the previous one. And, as it uses a small mirror to display visual images, it can make a telescope that's much more useful.

The first model, made in 1668 and donated to the Royal British Society, is only six inches. However, it can do something for an increase of 40 hours.

The design of Newton's simple telescope is still in use today, with amateur astronauts and scientists from the space agency in the NASA USA.

Analyzing the skies
Newton has helped these people on Earth to identify and identify the seven colors of the rainbow. He began to work on light and color before making even a symbolic telescope.

Quote curriculum vitae, On Monday (04/08/2019), before Newton, scientists were keeping to old color theory, including Aristotle. Some scientists believe the rainbow color is formed by water that is colored in the sky.

Newton disagreed with the idea. He did a series of examinations to be completed without confirmation.

In the end, Newton worked in his dark room and led a white light through a crystal prism on the wall which had been divided into seven colors. Many of these colors are already known to scientists, but they believe in the prostitute who will change white light to that color.

But when Newton gives the same colors back to another, they make a white light, confirming that a white (and light of the sun) light is a blend of rainbow colors.

Law of Gravity and Calculus
Principa's Newton's first published work revealed moving and post-shift. According to popular tradition, the young Newton was sitting under a tree on his family's farm when an apple built on the famous theory.

Newton suggested that if the attractive army pulls an apple from a tree, it is also likely to attract other items. Newton's theory helped confirm that everything, as small as apple and as heavy as a planet, was under the control of gravity.

Heavy pulls help to keep the planet circulating around the Sun and create the tidal rivers. Newton's law also says that larger groups with heavier tombs attract more attraction. That is why many of the astronauts who walk on the Moon are much smaller when they noticed a sense of sense due to the low pull.

To help explain his theory on movement and movement, Newton helped create new and special mathematical forms. The name flux was first, and now calculus. It has shaped the natural state and the changing changes in the ways that algebra and geometry are unable to do.

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