4 Ways not to get a stroke after being dripped: Okezone way of life

He said the water was sick because you had a lot of worms and worms in the water. So if she were in water? Relax, you can take different ways to make yourself ill after water, as it gets. See the review from Hellosehat:

Suggestions not to be sick after the water

When they went out, the water was suddenly sudden. You forget to take a water shadow or a coat of water, and you arrive at your destination almost. You might choose to continue the journey. Although the destination is faster, the body is wet because the water may be sick, such as fever, flu, or cold.

In fact, even just wearing a screen, heavy rain and strong winds can still make the body wet. To make you sick after water, do the following steps.

1. Immediately remove the wet clothes

One reason you can grow ill after the water is that the temperature of your body is going down due to wet and cold. Reduction in body temperature can lead to a little weakening of the immune system.

Analysis shows that rhinovirus can develop well at temperatures below 37 degrees Celsius. This temperature is the average temperature of a body when dripping.

At that time, it is extremely difficult to find out what the strong rhinovirus is with your weak defense system. As a result, he triumphs and manages a tenancy in the nose. You can also get a range of diseases, such as a sore throat, stuffing nose, cough, and fever.

So that you don't get cold during the water and the immune system does not weaken, you have to remove your wet clothes.

2. Inflammation of the warm water and drying the body

After removing the wet clothes, you should clean yourself immediately. Why? This action can eliminate all germs connected to the skin, whether from water water or mudflats.

In addition, swimming in warm water after the water has helped you increase the temperature of a body. But remember, you're not too long, only 10 to 15 minutes exactly so the skin doesn't grow out. Then dry your body especially your hair.

take a shower

4. Put on warm clothes

When the water falls, temperature in the room also decreases. In order to not grow cold and your body temperature does not diminish, it is recommended to use thicker clothes. These clothes can warm up your body and stop you from being ill after water.

5. Food and warm meals

Taking dry and cold air causes blood vessels in the slowest environment to be narrower, making their breaths more efficient. This prevents white blood cells from reaching the mask to get the star.

For that you need to attract a warm, airy atmosphere. Try to warm up and breathe the breath on several occasions before you travel to make the breathing trail worse. For a more robust system of protection you can get more rest. That way, you don't get out of the water.


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